Master Trainer In The Spotlight – Meet Shelby Jones

Master Trainer In The Spotlight – Meet Shelby Jones

Master Trainer In The Spotlight – Meet Shelby Jones

If you would have known me as a little girl, you would never guess in a million years that my career would be in the beauty industry. I was the girl who loved sports – especially gymnastics and competitive tumbling. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always say a nurse or doctor. As I became older, I realized that was a safe answer.

In 2016 and a few months after getting married, I started at The National Institute of Medical Aesthetics to pursue my Master Esthetics license. While in school, I attended multiple advanced courses such as classic lash extensions, professional makeup artistry, airbrush makeup, brow extensions and volume lashes. I had a huge thirst for knowledge and I wanted to find my true passion.

After graduation, I started working at a lash studio and taking clients. Within that same month, my husband enlisted in the United States Navy and would soon leave for his military training. I decided to devote all my time and energy into work and found a real passion for all things lashes. However, as much as I loved doing lash extensions, I knew there had to be a quicker alternative or something different I could offer my lash clients. I started researching and came across the brand Elleebana.

Within a few weeks, I was enrolled in a course and learned the art of lash lifting. From the moment I worked on my first model, I was in love! I knew that this service was going to take over the lash industry and I slowly switched my entire clientele from lash extensions to lash lifts and tints. I was smitten, not only with the service but the brand and products. I knew at this point in time that I wanted to educate other licensed professionals on this product line and service. After gaining more experience, I reached out and was given the opportunity to become a trainer for Elleebana USA.

I started doing trainings every week in Utah as well as holding courses online. A few months later, the Navy was moving us to Connecticut so my husband could finish his training. While in Connecticut, I traveled all over the United States holding trainings for salons as well as setting record numbers for online student enrollments. I was sleeping, eating and breathing lash lifting and I couldn’t be happier! I then was asked if I would like to become one of the Master Trainers at Elleebana USA. I was extremely honored and humbled that they chose me.

With this new position, I was still training but I was also helping bring on new trainers in the USA and working at building Elleebana here in the states. Fast forward and we are going on year 4 of being an Elleebana Master Trainer and year 5 of being an educator. I have never been happier to be representing Elleebana here in the USA and love what Elleebana has done for me and my business. Along with my work life, the last 4 years have brought us to Washington State and my husband and I also had a beautiful, happy and vibrant son who is now 2 years old.

Over this past year, my new roles for Elleebana are working with Elleebana’s Social Media team and helping run the IG account for @elleebanausa, offering support to my team of amazing and talented trainers in the Western States and I help educate and bring knowledge to licensed professionals all over the world who are wanting to learn more about lash lifting, brow henna and now lash and brow lamination. I also am the owner of Elleebana Beauty and one of the USA distributors for the entire Elleebana product range.

Balancing work and my personal life while being a mom to a busy toddler and a wife to a spouse who is deployed half the year has its fair share of challenges. But as my dad says to me often, “what the mind can conceive it can achieve.” When you want something, you figure out how to make it happen. For me, I love my career and I love being a mom and nothing brings me more joy than knowing and believing that I can have both. Elleebana has changed my life in more ways than one and I will forever be grateful to Otto, Zoe and the entire Elleebana Family for all they have done for me and my business. My only advice to other licensed professionals would be to find your passion and run with it — because no one can do it quite like you!

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Busting lash lift myths – the underwhelming lift

Busting lash lift myths – the underwhelming lift

One of the most common myths that I see all the time in Facebook groups and from speaking to people at events, exhibitions and in training is “The product doesn’t work”.

Technicians experience having a problem and underwhelming results with a lash lift and the first port of call is generally that the product does not work.

The technician will say “I did a lash lift and the results just weren’t there. It must be the batch, because I have not changed anything in the way that I’m applying”.

This topic is something that has always intrigued me, I have been doing research on this phenomenon and collecting screenshots, data and evidence for many years and I literally have hundreds upon hundreds of people saying that the lash lift did not work on their clients which is happening with multiple brands in the industry. I could literally name 10 brands off the top of my head that I see this happening with.

Why would this be the case?

This happens with a lot of various products in the beauty industry, nail industry, hair industry. I have seen people struggling to have consistent results on a variety of their clients with nail products, adhesives, skin care and hair products.

On the flip side, I have evidence of hundreds of people in forums saying that they have never had an issue with the same product that the technician is having an issue with. Could it really be the case that so many brands have inconsistent production in making such a simple formula?

Permanent wave lotions are not a complex formula to produce. In all honesty when you are making a big batch of product the measurements should be exactly the same every time when producing the batch. If the quantities are not the same when putting together the formula it will of course not perform, or emulsify correctly or be stable. These brands invest millions of dollars into their companies and brands, why would they jeopardise their product by not mixing the batch correctly each time? Brands also have to survive and customer satisfaction is always the top priority. When you buy a bottle of coke or lemonade from certain brands they are always the same right? When you buy shampoo from a certain brand it is usually the same correct? Why would permanent wave lotions be any different? Well, the reality is it’s highly unlikely that the formulas will change, but the variable is the individual. The human body changes throughout our life time and often more than you think. Our hair texture can change a few times a year due to lifestyle and hormonal changes and due to our diet and supplementary intake.

It is important to note that many companies have a very strict policy and production process when they are making products. Stability testing also takes place after a batch is produced to ensure that it works. Literally 50 to 100 applications need to be performed on clients with the microbial stability reports required to come back with an all-clear result, before that batch is released for sale to the market. The chances of a bad batch are extremely low.

You also have to look at the brand and the history of the brand, have they been in business for a long time? If so, then obviously their products work right? Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to maintain customers and have repeat business. No brand can survive if they do not have repeat business.


If YOUR lift is not working then you need to look at these factors:


  1. Has the client’s hair texture changed at all? Have they changed their diet at all? Are they on any particular nutrients or supplements? Are they going through any hormonal changes? Are they using growth serums?


These factors can play a huge role in how the texture changes with eyelashes, it can mean the difference between having to leave a lotion on to process for another minute or two or even reducing the lotion time by a minute or two if their hair texture has become thinner.


  1. Was the lotion placement consistent enough? Was it placed from the base of the lashes to high enough on the lashes? Was it left on long enough for that hair texture? Was the environment warm or cool?


If the lift has been a little underwhelming but there has been some lift, it usually means that they just need to leave the lotion to process for a little longer. Adjust the lotion placement and apply it from the base of the lash to higher up the lash and ensure that the lotion placement is thick and consistent all the way across the lashes. Most brands say it is safe to re-lift the lashes on the same appointment time if required, however you will need to check your brand guidelines if you ever need to make any adjustments for your clients.

Interestingly, COVID has seen an increase in clients using various home-care products and lash growth serums and mascaras. This is something to also consider as it may change the texture of your clients lashes, when they come back to have a treatment they may be more resistant than usual. Resistant lashes are not always thick lashes either, I have worked on plenty of clients over the years that look like they have thin hair texture but the lashes are resistant to permanent wave lotions. It really is a case of readjusting the application and nine times out of ten this is going to resolve the issue.


Otto Mitter is a qualified Cosmetic Chemist, Make Up Artist, and multi award winning educator and assessor in the Beauty Industry and multi certified eyelash extensions educator, competition judge, Lash Masters Alumni and Managing Director of Ex-Import Pty Ltd.




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ELLEEBANA’S top 10 Tips for boosting your beauty business using Instagram

ELLEEBANA’S top 10 Tips for boosting your beauty business using Instagram

Are you looking for ways to promote your beauty business through Instagram? Wondering how to get your audience more involved with your content?

Instagram is a really popular social media network that offers your business a trendy and hip platform to communicate with prospective customers and increase brand awareness.

Simply throwing out a picture snapped on your smartphone and posting it isn’t always going to get you very far. You need to work to stand out!

This blog post will give you ELLEEBANA’S top 10 tips to promote your salon business and convert your followers into clients and your clients into income.

  1. Be Interactive in your Stories

Instagram Stories can skyrocket your engagement. Though, for that to happen you must observe how different features affect your audience’s engagement.

For example, Instagram Stories allow you to ask questions, host Q&A and even create quizzes. You can use all of them to create authentic content that brings you closer to your followers.

  1. Foster personal connection

Commenting, direct messaging and sharing others’ stories or posts are a great way to foster community, but don’t be afraid to take it another level. Compare your engagement online like building a relationship… if you want a commitment, you must be willing to get personal.

  1. Strive to create quality followers over quantity of followers

The quality of your followers is going to move the needle in your business, not the quantity. You can have a ton of followers but that does not mean that they are necessarily going to convert.

  1. Partner with Influencers 

If you’re just getting started on Instagram, make the most of partnerships and influencer’s marketing to increase your audience. Partnering with influencers can not only help you expand your reach but also your engagement. You don’t need to bring onboard a big celebrity to boost your engagement. Look at your expanded network, find the accounts that have an influence on your followers. Reach micro-influencers who would like to partner with you.

  1. Have a content strategy plan

Many people just get up and “wing” Instagram and yes that can work for some, but if you really want to gain followers and have a strategy, then having a strategy plan can help you align your goals and “content” plan so that it has a journey and objective.

Having a plan on keeping your social media time productive is really important, don’t spend hours scrolling in the feed aimlessly, jump on social media to specifically research, get inspired, but keep productive, time is a precious commodity so try to limit the amount of time you spend “not being productive” on socials and keep being productive, this will only benefit you.

For example, by creating one reels per week, before and after twice a week and educational posts every second day that help educate your clients on all sorts of topics, you already have a week worth of content. With this plan in place, you will ultimately become a source of news and education for your clients and followers. People love to stay “in the know” about things that might interest or benefit them.

Importantly socials should not become a stressful chore, with careful planning and a proactive strategy you can stay focused and not get caught up in the small stuff…

  1. Take amazing photos

To make Instagram work for your business, you’ve simply got to have great photos, but you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take great photos. Your mobile phone is your best friend when it comes to Instagram photography. Here are some tips to get the best photos when using your phone:

Use natural light. No one looks great with a flash lighting up the oiliest parts of their face and casting weird shadows on their nose and chin. The same is true for product shots. Natural light just makes shadows softer, colours richer, and photos nicer to look at.

Avoid harsh light. Late afternoon is an unbeatable time to take photos. Cloudy days are better than sunny ones for mid-day shooting.

Use the rule of thirds. Your phone camera has a grid built in to help you follow this rule. According to Apple, you should always have the focal point within the centre square of the grid.

Try different angles. Crouch down, stand on a chair–do whatever it takes to get the most interesting version of your shot (as long as it’s safe to do so, of course).

  1. Edit your photos like a Pro

No matter how great your photos are, you’ll likely want to edit them before posting to Instagram. Consistent editing is one way to maintain your brand aesthetic and make your images recognizable.

Mobile photo editing apps like Lightroom and VSCOcam, Snapseed provide additional filters or editing options to help you find your unique style. You can import photos that you edit or filter elsewhere into Instagram to post them on your feed.

  1. Take advantage of before and after shots

 Before and after photos of treatments will go a long way in establishing truth and credibility. We share and repost before and after photos daily and that is a hit at @elleebana. Lash artists love being acknowledged for being good at what they do. It’s a win-win situation, we praise beauticians by reposting their work and please our followers by posting what they want to see.

  1. Show behind the scenes

People love seeing behind the scenes of a business!

Show yourself and your team in action, doing treatments and give people a sneak peek inside your work space. This is a great way to build connection, make your content memorable and stand out from the crowd.

10. Aim for content that can be easily saved

Speaking of content, a post that is ‘save-able’ is of high quality and relevance to your followers. There is a strategy behind content that is easily saved.

The content that you create should make the saving effortless. A good tactic is to make your ‘ask’ very clear. If you want your followers to save your post, say it. Many posts are now encouraging their followers to save the content for later. You can even mention it directly as part of your image.

If your post is actually interesting for your followers then they certainly won’t mind the reminder of saving it for later. Quite the opposite!


By following the tips we’ve mentioned above, you are working towards building a relationship with your followers. Consistency is the key to your success.

Don’t be afraid to try out new ideas. The more creative you are, the easier it becomes to create engaging content. Keep an eye on the latest Instagram trends. Stay ahead of the curve to stand out with your posts. Test and learn. Experimentation will help you find the best strategy for your business.

Remember, the more time you spend on understanding your followers and their interests, the easier it will become to create content that they’ll want to engage with.

Are you ready to improve your beauty business Instagram and reach new heights?















This blog post has been written by Elleebana Marketing Manager, Sol Menezes.

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Healthy Lashes after a Lash Lift – What are Elleebana’s hot tips?

Healthy Lashes after a Lash Lift – What are Elleebana’s hot tips?

The tips we would like to share today may seem obvious to some, though many people still forget to add this into their beauty regimen.

  1. Be gentle with your eyes

An important step to add to your beauty routine and avoid irritation is to wash your hands before touching your face. Clean hands and soft circular movements prevent transferring bacteria to your face and causing eye irritation. Being gentle avoids developing any condition that inhibit the growth of the lashes.

Oil free makeup remover is essential. Ensure your eyes are clean by removing any excess of oil, dirt or traces of old makeup. Elleebana foaming makeup remover can certainly help cleaning your lashes. This makeup remover will ensure all oils, makeup and dirt are removed properly. Be sure to rinse with water after, then pat dry the lashes.

Available in two different sizes, this powerful yet gentle cleanser produces excellent results!











  1. Choose the right mascara

With a huge product variety in the beauty industry we acknowledge finding the perfect mascara is hard, especially when questions pop into your mind after having a lash lift. Since the topic discussed today is how to make your lashes look healthy after a lash lift, there are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to choose the products for your daily care and makeup routine.

Elleebana’s Ellevate mascara partners with a lash lift treatment and is gentle enough to be applied immediately after a lash lift in the salon. Elleevate has been designed as an everyday mascara that can be worn on lashes with or without a lash lift.

It is a wonderful mascara that contains Keratin, biotin and arginine to optimise hydration and infuse nutrients to your lashes to keep them healthy and strong.











  1. Another step to a perfect look

Your technique to apply the mascara daily is just as important and can improve any mascara formula.

Take the mascara, swirl the wand around the tube to coat all of the bristles. Do not pump the wand into the tube repeatedly.

Starting at the roots, apply the mascara in a wriggling motion. There should be more volume at the roots so that your lashes do not feel weighed down.

Do the same with the lower lashes.

  1. Glam up your Eyes

Apply an eyeshadow of your choice and finish it off by using an eyeliner to line your eyes.











  1. Remove your make up before sleeping.

It is imperative to always remove all eye makeup before sleeping. Removing your makeup before bed also ensures that no unnecessary bacteria multiplies in your pores overnight. Our makeup tends to absorb a lot of dust and pollutants throughout the day which can clog the pores leading to larger more visible pores, redness, acne and eczema. These pollutants also affect the complexion of your skin and leaving it on your skin will lead to a dull-looking complexion the next morning. Taking your makeup off ensures the removal of such dusts particles and helps the skin breathe all night.

Removing eye makeup helps your tear ducts stay clear, helps your eyes feel clean and light and stop the growth of bacteria which can cause eye infections and redness. This also helps keep away fine lines around the eye area.

So ladies even if you can barely keep your eyes open, cleanse all that makeup off with Elleebana Make Up Remover.


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2021 Beauty Trends

2021 Beauty Trends

After a turbulent year, it’s safe to say that we are all eager to a fresh start. Even our beauty routine was not immune to the effects of 2020 – as salons closed everywhere, we were forced to become our own beautician overnight. But a few DIY sessions later we learned about the power of self care and used it as an excuse to maintain our mental health and help us feel under control.

That is why we are so optimistic for 2021, a year where our beauty regimen and a dedicated time for self-care must be set as a priority.

Let’s play a game and predict a few trends that will emerge this year.

  1. Elevated hygiene

Hand soap and sanitizer might not be the most glamorous of beauty categories but let’s face it – where there is necessity there is luxury. Needless to say, high end brands have been highly investing in them.

Since we have been washing our hands more, look out for natural ingredients that nourish, soothe, and heal your skin, such as almond oil, citric acid, coconut, chamomile, cold pressed olive oil, pomegranate, lavender and essential oils.

Surfactants are used in the soap composition. Without them, soap would not mix well with the water which would make the cleaning process more difficult. However, there is a list of natural surfactants derived from many types of plants to look out for. Common sources are coconut or palm, but they can also be derived from other types of fruits and vegetables.

It is a fact sometimes we don’t have soap or a dependable sink. That’s where hand sanitizers sparkle. So, what kind of hand sanitizer should we use? Doctors recommend an alcohol-based sanitizer with 60% ethyl alcohol or higher is the most efficient to kill germs.

  1. Clean and transparent skincare

Surveys have indicated that skincare brands pushing ingredient transparency are gaining popularity. Consumers want to know what is in their products. As a result, companies must be more sustainable than ever not only in their formulation but also in their packaging.














  1. Lipstick is taking a vacay

Research shows women want products that will stay on throughout the day without having to worry about it coming off on their face mask. As a result, a light gloss or stain are in.

  1. Bare skin

No-makeup makeup is back. Combining skincare perhaps a Korean beauty routine and make up is the new glow up.

It’s all about having beautiful skin that looks healthy. Keep your makeup fresh by focusing on clean skin.














  1. Plant-based skincare

Plant-based skincare is expected to hit a major surge in 2021. Who would have thought plant-based skincare was considered niche until recently?














  1. Eyes are the feature

Coloured eyeshadows brushed up brows to complement the no-makeup makeup look and a thin eyeliner. The best part is that even a beginner can pull it off.

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Check out Otto Mitter talking about how to use Elleeplex Profusion

Check out Otto Mitter talking about how to use Elleeplex Profusion

We all know how important maintaining optimal lash health is for our clients and our new Elleeplex Profusion range delivers this with our innovative system.

Utilising a cysteamine HCL active and containing no thioglycolate allows for gentle and effective lash lift / lamination results which minimises the chance of over processing and keeps lashes healthy and maintains the bond integrity of the lash.

A synergistic system that incorporates the ‘Re-Gen – Next Gen’ system which boosts hydration and strength in the lashes to achieve optimal results and lash health.

Last up to 6 to 8 weeks, with reduced chance of irregular grow out in the lash growth cycle.

Fast treatment and processing time, minimal maintenance, easy to use single use sachets.

Suitable for brow lamination – allows you to straighten brow hairs with confidence for clients that have unruly or downward growing eyebrow hair.

Strengthens, hydrates and protects.

Vegan friendly.

Gives the appearance of longer and fuller eyelashes without the use of extensions.

For more information and to see our FAQ’s go to www.elleebana.com To find your closest distributor go to https://www.elleebana.com/where-to-buy/


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Strawberry’s and chocolate, oysters and champagne, lash lifts and a brow wax and tint – these are all perfectly partnered wonders of our world.

Strawberry’s and chocolate, oysters and champagne, lash lifts and a brow wax and tint – these are all perfectly partnered wonders of our world.

So why do we not partner a brow lamination with a brow henna treatment? And because we love science, especially skin and hair science that’s where our answer will take us friends.

Let’s start with brow lamination products – the products are designed to alter the pH of the hair in order to effect the inner structure of the disulphide bonds within the hair. The pH of the product needs to be high enough in alkalising agents to do this and often that is a pH that is no where near the same natural pH of your skin. Normally products that are designed for skin application are similar in pH or pH neutral so that the skin is not effected negatively by the application. As trained professionals the application of brow lamination products need to be applied with care and caution.  Referencing many contraindications and careful assessment of the skin is what makes a therapist or brow stylist a specialist in their field, they will understand the products, their ingredients and how they act as well as what to look for during the service.

This change in pH of the skin from the brow lamination product can leave the skin in an altered state, potentially more susceptible to reaction, sensitivity of drying out, flaking or peeling.

So now let’s think about brow henna. The wonderful and brilliant facets of henna are such that the specialised ingredients formulated within a henna blend will create a skin staining effect (depending on the colour chosen, skin type and condition and blend used).  This happens from the application of the carefully prepared product painted through the brow and allowed to dry onto the skin. The colour will wrap around the brow hair shafts and stain these also.  The keratinocytes resting on the top layers of our epidermis will attract the chemical composition of the henna and the colour will stain.  This reaction is a chemical one between the henna product and the skin.

If the skins pH has been altered from the brow lamination service, this can leave the skin area feeling more sensitive in the brow area on some clients. Applying henna on to skin that is sensitive may see clients have an unfavourable reaction or further sensitivity.

As tinting with traditional brow tinting products is faster and designed to colour hair, it’s chemical reaction happens on the hair more so and therefore makes tinting a better follow up service for colouring of hair after a brow lamination.

To learn more about brow lamination, brow henna, tinting or anything brows and lashes really, Elleebana and Elleeplex are industry leaders with content and training that is miles above the rest. With hands on training and online training coming soon, watch this space!


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Walkabout barber and Walkabout beautiful

Walkabout barber and Walkabout beautiful

As we write this post for you to read the “Walkabout barber” and “Walkabout Beautiful” team are offering haircuts, beauty services such as waxing and lash services and something more to Australian communities in a way this industry hasn’t seen before. Places like Mareeba, Mossman, Kuranda and Atherton in Australia’s Far North Queensland this week will see the Walkabout Barber, Walkabout Beautiful bus arrive for haircuts and healing, waxing and wellbeing, tinting and trauma support.

Yes, you read that correctly – a Bus. A fully fitted out beauty and barber bus, ready to offer a way forward for those in need. When Michele Hetherington, Otto and Zoe’s long time friend in the beauty industry called to ask if we would sponsor a bus to help make people beautiful, Otto said a straight up “Yes” and when he listened more his response was “yes, yes, yes”

Michele explained that the initiative came from a young father, Brian Dowd, with a strong cultural tie to our nations people who had himself experienced trauma, lose and some of life’s worst challenges. Brian hit the reset button on his life some time ago and so he manifested the idea of a beauty bus that connected communities, offers assistance to those who like him have or are suffering while they are made to look amazing!

When Otto explained the concept to Zoe she immediately pictured just how much this idea hit home. Lash Stylists, hairdressers and beauty salons the world over are offering unqualified counselling to their clients at every appointment. Those moments, where a kind ear listens to your life’s troubles, you can leave your appointment not only with a lash lift but a weight lifted also. The idea was genius and the word Elleebana is an indigenous word for peace, tranquillity and beauty, knowing our sponsorship towards this initiative might bring Australians some inner peace and tranquillity while making them beautiful sat perfectly with us.

To follow more of what Brian has devoted a large portion of both his time and his heart into – follow him on Facebook and lets help him brighten our nations future and faces. https://www.facebook.com/walkaboutbarber

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Master Course Collective

Master Course Collective

2020 has been a year of exceptional challenges, but has also been a year of amazing opportunities.  Education is the key to lifting your business to new heights and is always at the forefront of Elleebana’s ethos and culture.
We are delighted to announce that our Managing Director and multi award winning educator – Otto Mitter is collaborating in a new project that is a first for the lash industry.

The Master Course Collective.

What is the Master Course Collective?

It is a collaboration of the industry’s finest and most sought after educators and business minds coming together to give you a curriculum that delivers secrets to their business success that they have NEVER shared before to their networks. This is exclusive course content and you now have the opportunity to be the first to access this game changing training program.

The Master Course Collective line up comprises of industry thought leaders:

  • Jill Heijligers – Peloquin  – Owner of Lash FX and multi award winning educator and industry mentor
  • Martino Kallos –  Award winning educator and CEO and founder of Kallos Academy
  • Michelle Nguyen  – Director of Paris Lash Academy and entrepreneur
  • Claire Hooper –  Industry leader, business coach and entrepreneur
  • Hilaree Brand  – Award winning educator, Industry mentor and trend setter

Last but not least! Our Otto Mitter, Multi award winning educator, cosmetic chemist, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Elleebana

This collaboration is something that doesn’t happen every day in our industry, the course content that is being put together is designed for the up coming entrepreneur who is dedicated in building their brand and company to achieve global level success.

This online curriculum is available worldwide and if you a ready to take your career and business to the next level then – SIGN UP NOW!

Early action takers will get access on World Lash Day 23rd October, receive BONUS course content and extended viewing until February 28th, 2021! The Master Course Collective goes live October 31st, 2020.

This is your chance to level up and lift your career to new heights! Sign up up now. Check out Otto’s invitation video below:


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How your leadership style can grow your business

How your leadership style can grow your business

If running a business isn’t hard enough, managing and leading a team is another challenge all small beauty and business operators face.

There are many underlying levels of motivation and levels of achievement team members are seeking in their careers, how to bring out their best capabilities is what leadership is all about. So, what defines a leader you ask?

Well leaders can be classed into one of the 6 following styles, and it is common to have more than one style and for your leadership style to change over time. You also will approach one leadership style for one team member, and another style for another – depending on their level of skill, maturity and position within the business.

Democratic Style – is one of the most effective leadership styles because it allows team members to be involved in decisions and have some autonomy in their roles to exercise their own authority which helps them grow into future roles.

Autocratic Style – is essentially where the leader makes decisions without taking input from anyone in the team. This can hinder team performance by not involving others ideas and knowledge.

Authoritative Style – hasn’t been popular since the 80’s and isn’t a leadership style any employee is seeking in a future employer. Only useful in small doses.

Transformational Style – most leader in this category are always “transforming” and improving the business and pushing team members out of their comfort zone to aid growth and development.

Coaching Style – just like in sport, coaching individual employees’ strengths and working through their weakness to enable the team to perform better.

Laissez-Faire Style – the French term literally translates to “let them do,” and leaders who embrace this style give nearly all authority to their employees. This can be limiting if team members do not hold themselves responsible or accountable for their workload.

Being able to identify your leadership style can be tricky so you can seek out tests that will highlight your styles, but it is also an idea to ask the team in an open setting for a 360-degree feedback session.

With that feedback in mind and remember not all the feedback you receive you will like to hear – especially if you perceive yourself differently from how your team members are characterising you. There is also the opportunity to make changes and focus on a leadership style that you think can support your business and the current team in place.

Being able to motivate the team starts with leading the team effectively, successful leadership can only achieve goals and empower the team to do the best work for your business and clients.

There are many of us in the industry boasting their own successful unique leadership style –including Otto and Zoe Mitter, who work together tirelessly and complement each other completely.

Embrace your leadership style, seek out your own personal development and what will work best for you and your team, and ultimately your business. #leadership

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