Work, home life and everything in between… Are we giving ourselves enough credit? - 10 Sep 2020

It is one thing to be excited for the future and the opportunities that await, but it’s time to celebrate and recognize the past achievements that have brought us all to where we are today and who we are today. I have recently learned that one of our Elleebana Trainers has had an interesting career prior to dominating the lash world that truly has made her who she is today, and her remarkable story is something we can all be inspired by.

Chanbo, based in Seattle was previously in a Regional Director role performing countless strategic negotiations for the sale and delivery of commercial military aircraft for a well-known aviation company – which is a highly sought after and unique skill set. Working in a highly paid industry definitely has its perks, however Chanbo felt a calling to connect and empower women through our own inner beauty and decided to pursue her beauty license, something she always wanted to do. Chanbo continued to work full-time in the corporate world while attending beauty school part-time and immediately after beauty school decided to complete Grad school too. The demanding role was challenging with finding that balance of also being a mum. Her daughter was only in Kindergarten where Chanbo recognized that she was missing out on so much of her daughter’s early life that she decided to quit the corporate world and pursue her career goals to work full-time in the beauty industry.

Chanbo says ‘It was a change of pace for me and everything I had known’, but she liked that she could control her hours worked and spend time with her daughter. Working mothers don’t give themselves enough credit for all the sacrifices they make for their career and their family and deciding whether to slow down or change pace is not an easy decision. It is hard to find balance and it is a never-ending juggling act Chanbo adds. Her advice is; ‘if you feel overwhelmed, uncertain and just sometimes exhausted we hear you, it is important to reflect where you’ve come from and where you’re planning to go in the future, even if you aren’t thinking that far ahead.’ As the famous quote says; it doesn’t matter where you come from, all that matters is where you’re going.

Everyone has a story, and as women we need to be more accepting and supportive of one another. Chanbo insights are that we really don’t know the battles others are facing on a daily basis and how if someone is stepping back, not as active or disappears for a minute, we should think of them and be mindful of what they may be going through.

Whether we find that others want to share or not, we can only advocate just being kind and understanding. We shouldn’t expect someone to share their personal battles, but just letting them know we are there and that we care about them is all that is needed. Working mothers in general having careers and trying to navigate time management with family and work can be a stressful task, but we all need to remember to give ourselves credit for how amazing we really are.

Wise words, from a wise lady, we salute Chanbo and all the other inspiring women out there pursuing their career goals and raising a family.