Otto Mitter talks Brow Lamination! - 4 Dec 2019

Brow Lamination, Brow Lifting, Brow Wow, Brow Tame – whatever you wish to call it, the service is essentially a hot topic in the Brow world for 2019.

So, while Elleebana loves to be at the forefront of trends we don’t need to be the first to release something – we really only have to be the best. Wink wink.

Speaking of being the best, how do you get to be globally recognised for what you do? Well, it starts with understanding everything about your products, your formulations and the uses of it. No one better in the world to explain Brow Lamination like Cosmetic Chemist and Elleebana’s Managing Director, Otto Mitter.

In this video he shares the tip of the iceberg of his knowledge on this subject. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to keep up to date on our latest VLOGS.