Elleebana Covid-19 Announcement - 18 Mar 2020

While the world faces such uncertainty there is an incredible amount of unease for health, business and what is yet to come. Sadly there are no promises on any front and across all continents, this virus is taking effect, be it in the form of health issues or financial ones.

For business, this is an unknown platform as financial hardships have been faced before but not ever partnered with health issues.  Salons around the globe will face closures and loss of clientele because of the requirement of social distancing. This is hard news to hear. For many businesses this is an important time to pay attention to their health, safety and sanitation practises and in addition to these practices review the World Health Organisations recommendations for standard workplace practices – you can review these here:  https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/getting-workplace-ready-for-covid-19.pdf?sfvrsn=359a81e7_6

Offering clients a level of reassurance that the place of business operates, and where possible exceeds, the government, local council and state recommendations for all levels of health, safety and sanitation could be the difference in the coming months between a business that survives or a business that thrives.

At Ex-Import we are highly focussed on the health, well-being, and safety of our own staff, our customers and stockists and will continue to monitor the progress of COVID-19. Our focus at this point is to be as prepared as possible and manage what support possible to all our global Elleebana lovers.

For trainers who are employed by Ex-Import, Elleebana’s Global Head Office, we have enrolled and now have Certification of Acknowledgement for each trainer in the Australian Government Department of Health unit in Infection Control Training for Covid-19.  This is an important step that we are taking as employers together with adhering to all Government recommendations and World Health Organisation recommendations for continued operations and training to meet and exceed the required standards for our students that attend our courses or for those that are researching who to train with.

We will aim for continued operations where possible by utilising technology and the capability for many of our office team to operate remotely should this be a requirement and should we experience quiet times due to the cessation of global trades and training we will utilise this time to prepare for a strong return when possible because reliability during uncertainty will help support the beauty industry that we love so very much.