Australia needs you! - 10 Jan 2020

It is with great sadness that we have to write this. We begin 2020 with unprecedented tragedy in Australia. The blazes, which have been burning across Australia for months, have destroyed over 1995 homes and wiped out entire towns.

Across Australia, nearly 18 million acres of land have been burned — much of it being bushland, forests and national parks, home to the country’s beloved and unique wildlife.


The Statistics:

  • There are 134 blazes continuing to burn across NSW, with 53 uncontained.
  • Since July 2019, more than 20 people have lost their lives, including 3 firefighters.
  • Over one billion animals have perished, and this has thrown our Koala species on the brink of functional extinction in NSW as the fires ravage their territory.

Fires are nothing new in Australia, but as our country has experienced extreme drought for many months, the land was a fire hazard with leaf litter and tree debris having not seen rain for months.

How can you help?

The charities that we have collectively chosen as a company to support each are for differing reasons. Many of the larger charities are receiving such widespread support and aid from celebrities and international assistance we have selected these charities as they are perhaps more unknown but equally as in need.…/support-for-firefighter-families

Elleebana is a brand that is so strongly founded on family values and family ties that we couldn’t ignore the tragic loss of these dear firefighters. Each of these three men are younger than Otto and Zoe and they leave behind young families and wives. These brave men have been a part of the volunteer fire fighting services for many years and our hearts go out to the families left behind.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (just 10 minutes’ drive from our head office) has received in excess of 12,000 koalas into its emergency hospital from the New South Wales fires. These koala’s need medical attention, burn and smoke inhalation recovery, food, and care.

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is simply not able to house this amount of koalas after they have been cared for, so a local community of farm owners or property owners joined together to offer support assistance. This association is called Wildcare and will be fostering the koalas after their medical recuperation.

We personally want to thank some of our sub-distributors who have generously donated or pledged to these great causes:

  • Elleebana Mexico – Donated proceeds of sales
  • Elleebana Latin America – Donated proceeds of sales
  • USA Elleebana Sub-distributors – Brilliance Lash USA – 10% of weeks profits
  • USA Elleebana Sub-distributors – Lashish USA – 10% of weeks profits
  • USA Elleebana Sub-distributors – The Lash Lift Store – 15% of the proceeds from all sales for the week
  • Elleebana Spain – Donated AUD $5000
  • Elleebana Russia

Elleebana HQ has also donated $10,000 towards these two charities and our goal is to help wherever we can, and this includes reaching out to our sub-distributors to lend a helping hand.

For those of you that have asked which charities would be most in need – firstly, thank you so much for asking, for caring, and for praying for our country! In truth, all of the charities need assistance but we will be supporting the above charities, and they would love your support in doing so also if you are wanting to help financially.