Elevate your artistry, redefine perfection!

The new bulk buy Wonder Wands have been designed with savvy salons in  mind. Understanding the importance of both environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness, Elleebana has reinvented its Wonder Wands. Salons can say goodbye to the days of purchasing packs of 10 and hello to Elleebana’s new 40-pack offering.


Elleebana’s commitment to the environment and salon needs has led to this design. Handy and reusable containers, perfect for storing rods or shields, reduce packaging waste and excessive expenditure for salons looking to save. But that’s not all – in line with the latest trends of 2024, Elleebana has given a vibrant makeover to its Wonder Wands. Inspired by the Pantone Colour of the Year, Fuzzy Peach, Elleebana Wonder Wands now boast a striking orange hue, making them not just a salon necessity but also a style statement for salon social pages.


Get ready to take your lash and brow artistry to the next level of excellence with Elleebana Wonder Wands.

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Sustainable, Economical, and Trendy

Environmental Sustainability: Embrace eco-friendly and reduce packaging waste with Elleebana Wonder Wands’ reusable containers, perfect for storing rods or shields. Streamline salon organization and minimize clutter with these purpose-designed containers.


✨  Time-Efficient Restocking: Minimize the hassle of restocking by opting for the bulk buy option, ensuring salons have an ample supply of Wonder Wands on hand. Save time that would otherwise be spent on frequent reorders and focus more on client services.


On-Trend Vibrancy: Stay in line with the latest salon trends in 2024 with our Wonder Wands featuring the trendy Pantone Colour of the Year, Fuzzy Peach. Elevate your salon’s aesthetic and make a statement on social media with the vibrant orange of Elleebana Wonder Wands.





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