Lifting the look of the brand - 20 Aug 2018

Some of you may have noticed the slight new changes to the packaging appearance of the Elleebana lash lift range – we hope you are loving the look as much as we are enjoying the development of this.  We wanted to share with you all the process of the repackaging because it is a process and we love sharing the ride.

Elleebana is exporting from Australia to over 40 countries around the globe – how amazing is that!  We think it’s phenomenal, we also know that it means we need to package and brand according to all of those countries packaging guidelines and specifications and as we begin exporting to more new countries there are more changes that have to happen and more research that goes into those standards.

We started with the re-branding initially by releasing some new products in the range that fall more in line with the design specs and imagery that we want to push for.  Clean, high end, with a little bit of magic that appeals to a large audience of salons.  These new products (Elleevate, Elleeplex, Stronghold adhesives and the isolator tool) all encompassed this direction and received such amazing feedback so we were happy to push further with our re-branding.

The new logo for Elleebana was next – not a huge change here as we still wanted to maintain our symbol – the tree.  Elleebana is an Australian Indigenous word for Peace, tranquillity and beauty and is unique both in the spelling of the work and the quality of the results that are achievable when you use our brand.  The word Elleebana is spelt differently, with two L’s for Lash Lifting and two E’s for Eyelash Extensions.  Two areas that we specialise in because of our love for these treatments.

Our Elleebana logo has the symbol of a tree that is firmly planted with years of growth and development – just like the company.  Its strong and unfaltering foundations are designed to last and support for years.  Just like a family tree the Elleebana branches reach out all around the globe to our international distribution network, which forms a part of our international and evergrowing family.  You will notice that the top of the tree where the leaves are is a circle shape to represent the world and our global reach.

The next step was to re-design the one shot sachets.  These were released roughly 6 months ago now.  The only change here was the printing of the physical sachets – no other changes happened.  The formulation is still the same wonderful product, we just chose (at the reprinting stage) to run out the stock we had and start with the new look, with the new logo and a cleaner appearance.  Some slight changes like adding in the numbering of 1 and 2 to the sachet to help people identify which step was first (yep, it does happen) and incorporating French text for our Canadian Elleebana lovers.  These sachets were released mid production, this means that an entire batch was produced but we only had enough of the old artwork designed sachets for half the production.  Instead of throwing away half a production we decided to fill the remaining production straight into the new sachets and batch them with the same dates – because essentially it is all the same product each and every time.

We had the new artwork sachets going into our old designed boxes (5 shot, 10 shot and kits) for some time – roughly six months before the new external packaging of the 10 shot boxes were released a few weeks ago.  You will noticed these boxes are in the same style as the sachets, using the white and grey design to encompass that clean feel and some gold foiling for that little piece of magic that is Elleebana.  Soon to follow will be the 5 shot boxes, the rod boxes and the kit boxes and further in the pipeline some other repackaging of other items across the Elleebana brand. The new Elleebana kit boxes have a luxurious and timeless feel, we have also added a statement on the package to encourage salon owners to complete training in the use of the products before purchasing. We find that therapists that have completed training generally get an advantage and master the service faster than those who follow the instructions and work it out on their own. It really is worth investing in the training as there’s some great tricks to mastering the art of lash lift.

We always look for packaging changes but try to use Australian based printers/box suppliers where possible to support our economy and the businesses that reside here in Australia.  We make all of the design changes, packaging and rebranding with salons in mind and based on the feedback that we receive.  Our regular development and production meetings are filled with ideas and options and these are all considered and put through their paces before anything gets close to being finalised.

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