What is Eyelash Lifting? - 15 Mar 2018

The beauty trend that will change your life!

Eyelash lifting is proving to be one of the fastest growing beauty treatments around the world. Last year saw Eyelash Lifting coming in at number 5 in the Google top Beauty Search followed closely behind Halloween Makeup (Impressive right?)

But what exactly is eyelash lifting? How does it work? And how can it become your next favourite beauty treatment?

Eyelash lifting has been around for longer than one would presume. It is closely related to its Great Aunt “Lash Perming” and sees clients natural lashes raised and accentuated into luxurious lifted and curled lash that even your favourite lash extension BFF would be jealous of.

This fast treatment sees the natural lash adhered to a carefully selected silicone rod with a water-soluble glue. Carefully your lash technician will section, isolate and place your own natural lash into their new complementary position. Gently and carefully the lifting lotion is applied to the lashes, breaking down the naturally occurring disulphide bonds of the hair and allowing the hair to be set into a new position. A short processing time is required before the lifting lotion is removed and replaced with a setting lotion designed to lock the natural bonds and PH back into the natural hair “setting” the lashes into their new, beautiful position.

The end results? Luscious, longer looking, curled lashes and will last the duration of your natural lash cycle which can be as much as 90 days. (wow!)

We know what you’re thinking, what’s the catch? Other than only having to visit your local beauty salon every 6-12 weeks, still being able to wear mascara, swim and live your life as normal? There is none!

What are the benefits?

  • This treatment can take as little as 30minutes (other brands of lash lifting can take longer but Elleebana is fast acting and keeps the treatment time to a minimum), which is the perfect amount of time for that all important daily “power snooze”. The treatment can be even be performed on your lunch break (winning)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Enhancement to the natural eyelash, no extensions necessary
  • Say goodbye to your eyelash curler
  • Saves time in the morning getting ready
  • Affordable. Salons on average charge between $75 – $120 depending on location
  • Makes your morning make up routine faster
  • Glamorous, opens the eyes, creating a fresher, younger you (Sign me up!)

Safe to say that eyelash lifting is proving to be one the hottest beauty treatment on the market. Celebrities all over the world are choosing this treatment over traditional lash extensions and once you have tried this for yourself, it will be easy to see why.

Our hot tip? Elleebana wants all clients to ensure that you are seeing someone who is trained to do this treatment. Elleebana’s innovative formulation and training system has seen the brand surge in global popularity which is now available in 40 countries with the most respected and trusted distributors, educators and stylists, we offer training courses world-wide, making us one of the largest lash enhancement education companies.


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