Eyelash Extension Appointment FAQ’s - 27 Mar 2020

All of the unknowns about having lash extensions for the first time, and even if you have had lash extensions before you still might benefit from a little sneak peek at these simply questions and answers, you would be amazed at how much your lash artist will appreciate you giving the time and effort to learning more about this service and working with them to help you get the best out of your beauty treatment:

It’s amazing to know that even before you arrive for your appointment there are things that you can do to help you love your lashes even more than normal.

Q: Should I have a patch test before the service?

A: In some countries, it’s not a requirement to patch test – however in most it is so when you are booking in with your lash artists ask them about what their policy is on patch testing.

Q: I can’t get a sitter for the kids, can I bring them?
: Very few lash artists will allow it, they are busy with their eyes on your lashes and you are busy with your eyes closed so there are no eyes left to keep on the children.

Q: How long does it take to get lash extensions applied?
 Since you are new to the service and you have not had a full set of lashes applied ever, this will mean your lash artist will need to lash every single lash either with a single lash extension on your natural lash (if you are having a classic set) or multiple lash extensions tapered into a customised fan (if you are having a volume set applied).  Depending on what you have chosen to have applied your first lash appointment could be anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours long.

Now that might seem to be a considerable commitment of your time, and for a good lash artist who is careful with their application, they should take their time to apply your perfectly crafted and styled lash set.  You see perfection isn’t easy, it’s actually a very difficult skill to master (respect) but there is a silver lining here for your busy schedules – If you are a regular re-booker and come in for your infill appointments regularly a fill will be less time – averaging between 1 – 2 hours.  Skipping out on your infill appointments can see that fill time starts to blow out though and might even need to be a removal and full set applied again so that’s a key thing to remember.

Q: That seems like a long time to have an appointment for – what if I fall asleep?

A: Your lash artist will hope that you enjoy your lash nap with them and they won’t judge you for it, in fact, it is a great time for you to catch up on your latest podcast or audiobook so even if you don’t want to fall asleep keeping your eyes closed with that relaxation of your playlist pre-set is fine with your lash artist too.  The more they can focus on your lashes the better the lash set will be, so have yourself a lash nap and enjoy that ‘you’ time.

Q: I have my appointment booked for straight after work – does it matter that I come with a full face of makeup?
 Actually, yes, it does matter.  Sorry!  But props to you for asking.  Having a completely clean and clear eye area (that includes eyebrows) that is completely free of makeup not only is beneficial to your extension application but it reduces your service time spent cleaning your face.  You can wear moisturiser and some foundation but nothing around the eye area and most definitely no mascara.  I guess its easiest to think of it this way – the least amount of time spent cleaning your make up off will mean there is more time spent getting more lashes on, and who doesn’t love a full and dense lash set?

Now, most lash artists will understand that coming straight from work or other lift commitments can mean it’s harder to come to your appointment with a clean face, so a brilliant workaround for this is to come to your appointment early and allow for that extra wash away and clean up time.

Q: What should I wear?
 Come as you are.  Your lash artist will be happy to see you, and there is no need to dress up.  Comfortable clothes is recommended as you need to stay relatively still for some time so if that your couch comfy clothes then so be it!  However – if you wear contacts we require you to remove those when you arrive at your appointment unless you can come wearing glasses.

Q: How do I know the lash artist will be able to give me the lash look that I want?

A: Researching a stylist or artist first is really recommended – a stylist with accolades that they promote (such as having attended many training courses, or award-winning) will often have some excellent skills and creating a bespoke style to suit your needs safely.  Instagram is a lash artist’s best showcase of their skills and is a great way to match what you are looking for with the appropriate stylist for you.  A good lash artist will thoroughly consult with you before you have your service to determine if what they believe will suit you fits with your ideals – often people are visual creatures so bring some pictures of your favourite looks for their reference.

If you are looking to know more about Elleebana certified stylist you can head to our salon finder https://www.elleebana.com/salon-finder/