Walkabout barber and Walkabout beautiful - 25 Nov 2020

As we write this post for you to read the “Walkabout barber” and “Walkabout Beautiful” team are offering haircuts, beauty services such as waxing and lash services and something more to Australian communities in a way this industry hasn’t seen before. Places like Mareeba, Mossman, Kuranda and Atherton in Australia’s Far North Queensland this week will see the Walkabout Barber, Walkabout Beautiful bus arrive for haircuts and healing, waxing and wellbeing, tinting and trauma support.

Yes, you read that correctly – a Bus. A fully fitted out beauty and barber bus, ready to offer a way forward for those in need. When Michele Hetherington, Otto and Zoe’s long time friend in the beauty industry called to ask if we would sponsor a bus to help make people beautiful, Otto said a straight up “Yes” and when he listened more his response was “yes, yes, yes”

Michele explained that the initiative came from a young father, Brian Dowd, with a strong cultural tie to our nations people who had himself experienced trauma, lose and some of life’s worst challenges. Brian hit the reset button on his life some time ago and so he manifested the idea of a beauty bus that connected communities, offers assistance to those who like him have or are suffering while they are made to look amazing!

When Otto explained the concept to Zoe she immediately pictured just how much this idea hit home. Lash Stylists, hairdressers and beauty salons the world over are offering unqualified counselling to their clients at every appointment. Those moments, where a kind ear listens to your life’s troubles, you can leave your appointment not only with a lash lift but a weight lifted also. The idea was genius and the word Elleebana is an indigenous word for peace, tranquillity and beauty, knowing our sponsorship towards this initiative might bring Australians some inner peace and tranquillity while making them beautiful sat perfectly with us.

To follow more of what Brian has devoted a large portion of both his time and his heart into – follow him on Facebook and lets help him brighten our nations future and faces. https://www.facebook.com/walkaboutbarber