Eyelash Lifting Vs Eyelash Extensions - 12 Apr 2018

With eyelash lifting becoming such a popular treatment we’ve had lot of people asking, what is the difference between eyelash lifting and eyelash extensions?

Here is some helpful information that will take out some of the guess work for you.

What is the difference between Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash Lifting?

Both are designed to enhance and complement your natural beauty.

Eyelash Extensions – Eyelash Extensions are a synthetic lash made from a high quality PTB (Polybutylene terephthalate) fibre, designed to mimic the natural lash. They are applied to your natural eyelash and come in a range of different lengths, curls and thicknesses and can be applied one by one (classic) or can be applied in multiple (volume) sets of 2D (2 lashes) up to 8D (8 lashes) enabling you to create anything from a natural look to quite dramatic.

Eyelash Lifting – Eyelash lifting is an enhancing treatment on your natural lash. The treatment occurs when the natural lashes are lifted and set around a selected size silicone rod. Lifting and Setting lotions are applied during the treatment and an eyelash tint to finish, resulting in a lengthened, lifted, curled and darkened result.

How long does each treatment take?

Eyelash Extensions – Eyelash extensions can see the initial treatment time vary pending if you are choosing to have classic set or volume set. Classic sets can take about 1.5-2hrs on average with Volume sets taking anywhere between 2-3hrs.

Eyelash Lifting – Elleebana Eyelash Lift, including an eyelash tint can take as little as 30 – 45mins.

How long does the treatment last?

Both treatments are designed to last the duration of the natural lash cycle which can last up to 90days.

Eyelash Extension – An appointment for eyelash extensions is recommended every 2-3 weeks to infill the lashes that have grown out and fallen off.

Eyelash Lifting – Eyelash lifting “re-lift” is recommended anywhere from 6-12 weeks pending on the client’s natural lash and growing cycles.

Are either of these treatment’s uncomfortable to have done?

No – if done correctly, you will not experience any pain from either treatment. Both treatments are done laying down and are the perfect excuse for some quite “you” time.

Are either of the treatments damaging to my lashes?

If done correctly by certified technicians neither treatment should not cause any damage or stress to your natural lashes.

Treatment costs

Eyelash Extensions – Lash Extensions can range from $100 for a classic set to $200 + for a volume set

Eyelash Lifting – Lash Lifting can range from $75 – $120 on average

It’s safe to say each of these amazing lash enhancement treatments sit perfectly in the beauty market place and can both give you the luscious lashes you desire. The question is…. Which one do would you chose?

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