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Understanding ingredient claims in the lash world

7 Apr 2022

THE EYELASH INDUSTRY HAS GROWN PHENOMENALLY IN THE LAST 20 YEARS. OVER TIME, THERE HAVE BEEN MANY ADVANCES IN THE TECHNOLOGY TO STIMULATE HAIR GROWTH AND CONDITION.   Many clients ask me about growth serums for eyelashes, or technically in most cases they should be...

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Destination: Elleebana Hometown, Chicago!

5 Apr 2022

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO BE PART OF THE IECSC CHICAGO 2022! Elleebana usually says “We’re coming for you”, but this time around is the opposite. We’ll be HERE waiting for you! That’s right! Chicago has been Elleebana’s Headquarters since 2020 and we can’t wait...

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17 Mar 2022

Our Lash Lord aka Otto Mitter has smashed as a TOP 5 of TWO categories of the Artistic Lash Awards 2022!   2nd Place Lash Speaker of the Year   3rd Place Lash Judge of the Year   Your team is extremely proud of your...

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Legit or #notlegit?

16 Mar 2022

Elleebana Spills the TEA on whose #legit and whose not.     If you are following our Global Instagram handle @elleebana you may have seen our cheeky warnings about just how crazy a world the internet is these days.  We posted a play on the...

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