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Ellee Shield Protective Balm

Previously known as Belma Shield, Ellee Shield Protective Balm is a great natural great alternative to Vaseline.

Dermatologically tested, Elleeshield protective balm is one of those must-have products in our range. Being a natural product made from sweet almond oil and beeswax, Elleeshield is a protective barrier cream to prevent tint from marking the skin.

This is a great alternative to chemical-based products that could cause damage to your client’s natural lashes and brows.


An incredible natural option to the classic Vaseline - totally worth a try!

Take every step to ensure your clients’ safety. Use Ellee-Shield Protective Balm with paper eye shields for the safest eyelash tinting service.

  • Natural ingredients

  • Gentle for sensitive skin

  • Great protective barrier

  • Prevents skin tinting

The Ellee-Shield Protective Balm is abundant in natural ingredients and is gentle on sensitive skin.

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