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Eyelash Extensions RPL

Our Elleebana Certified Beginners Lash Extensions Course has been established to adhere to and exceed the Australian Government standards. Elleebana has been fortunate enough to be able to partner with an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) to be able to offer an RPL (Recognition for Prior Learning) option to our students when they become certified after completing our Elleebana Classic Lash Extensions Foundation Course. To be eligible for RPL consideration, you MUST have an Elleebana Classic Lash Extensions Foundation certificate issued to you from Elleebana HQ in Australia and be an Australian resident.

Having an accredited qualification, under the Australian Government National Training Package in Beauty Therapy, gives your clients the reassurance that you have the skills and knowledge that are compliant with the Australian Standards. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and changing, having an accredited qualification can set you apart from other therapists.

Applying for your RPL in Apply Eyelash Extensions:

Accreditation: – You will receive a Statement of Attainment for SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions from our partner Advanced School of Beauty Therapy (RTO #7052)

Cost of the RPL: -$180

Payment Options – You can pay now by clicking here,  via direct deposit or credit card and payment must be made before your application is submitted. (Our team will call you for payment once we have received your application).

You will be expected to complete the following evidence items which form your complete RPL Kit.

Evidence Item Who is Responsible for Providing
6 x Before and after images of classic lash extensions applications Applicant to provide
6 x Consultation forms for lash extensions applications Applicant to provide
2 x Before and after images of infills Applicant to provide
2 x Before and after images of removals Applicant to provide
Video of isolation and applying of lash extensions (only needs to be a minute long) Applicant to provide
Forms of identification x 2 (License, Medicare Card, Passport or Centrelink Card) Applicant to provide
Third Party Questionnaire – Pages 10-12 in the RPL Kit Elleebana to complete
Completed RPL Application Form – Pages 7 – 9 in the RPL Kit Applicant to complete
Copy of Logbook or Client Appointments Applicant to provide
Copies of Certificates Accredited or Non-Accredited relating to Lash Extensions. Applicant to provide/Elleebana can provide digital copies of any Elleebana courses that you have completed  
Completed Questions – Pages 14 – 15 in the RPL Kit Applicant to complete
Student maybe contacted from an Assessor to answer verbal questions Applicant to complete
Elleebana Classic Lash Extensions Foundation Certification issued by Elleebana Elleebana to provide

We will help you along the way to assist you with your success of the RPL Application.

Disclaimer: We do not give refunds for RPL applications. The RPL process will take around 8 weeks upon submission of the documents to the RTO but can take longer if more information is required from the student. We do not accept responsibility for applications that take longer than 8 weeks. The approval of your RPL is up to the discretion of the RTO so please ensure you meet all the criteria before paying and submitting your application. For any questions or further support in regards to the RPL application process please contact info@elleebana.com

To receive the Apply Eyelash Extensions RPL application kit please complete the form below.

Eyelash Extensions RPL

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