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Instagram Metrics for Salon Success

15 Mar 2022

Do you know the difference between reach and impressions? What about the percentage of Instagram followers who engage with your posts? As a Salon Owner, you would like your Instagram account to grow and stand out from the crowd. To achieve that, there are some key metrics...

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The Recipe to become an Elleebana Artist

11 Mar 2022

Becoming an Elleebana Artist is so much more than being just any lash or brow artist.  There are a few things you need under your beauty belt to assist in paving the way for you to become an Elleebana Artist.   To be an Elleebana Artist...

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Another WIN for the ELLEEBANA team!!!

2 Mar 2022

Our Elleebana Global HQ Master Trainer/Lash and Brow ninja Kristy-Lee Roberts smashed TWO categories of the Skin Games competition. 1st Place - Fantasy Lash Category   It takes a lot for our Educators to put themselves and their work on the line. Being judged in...

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You Say Rods, I Say Shields

25 Feb 2022

Quite often we get asked what we use the most on our clients or if we would prefer a rod or a shield. So let us give you a straightforward answer: We LOVE them both! There’s a time and place for the use of both...

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