Your Guide to Elleeplex Profusion - 15 Sep 2023

It might be the new(er) kid on the block but we’re sure that Elleebana’s Elleeplex Profusion system needs no introduction. It has become known around the world for its gentle, effective and consistent results. Having already won multiple awards, Elleeplex Profusion is the gold standard for artists who value outstanding results and lash health.

🏆2022 Best Brow Brand – Lash & Brow Awards UK

🏆 2022 Best Lash Product – Lash & Brow Awards UK

🏆 2023 Brow Lamination of the Year ASCP Reader’s Choice Awards

🏆 2023 Community Fav Brow and Lash Treatment – Lipgloss & Aftershave Fav Awards

While Elleebana One Shot will always be the go-to for fast processing times and lifting stubborn lashes, there is always room for innovation. So, after feedback from thousands of technicians and clients around the world and 2 years of development behind-the-scenes, Elleeplex Profusion was born!

Benefits that speak volumes:

👯 One of the standout features of the Elleeplex Profusion system is its dual-purpose functionality. The system can be used on both lash and brow lamination providing the user with the ultimate treatment flexibility.

🌱 Elleeplex Profusion is vegan which caters to our community who prefer a plant-based system.

🧡 Unlike One Shot and other formulas on the market, Elleeplex Profusion Utilises a cysteamine HCL active rather than thioglycolate. This active allows for gentle and effective lash lift / lamination results which keep lashes healthy. (If you haven’t noticed we are ALL about maintaining the integrity of the lashes/brows over here!)

⭐️ Another key benefit of lifting with Profusion is its gentle grow out phase, that’s right no more unruly grow out! As time goes on the lashes begin to relax which makes the grow out look a little more natural. Plus, did you know that lashes can be re-lifted from just 6 weeks rather than the 8 we recommend for One Shot?


Have you read this and thought “I need this in my salon”, we get it! Enrol for a lash and brow lamination course with Elleebana to take your salon offerings to the next level. Online or face-to-face, the choice is yours! Find more information about what’s covered in our Elleeplex Profusion training here.