Lash Lift Aftercare: The Elleebana Way - 7 Nov 2023

If you have been following the Elleebana journey, then you already know we are ALL about lash health, lash lift aftercare and results that keep clients coming back. Now, we’ve seen a lot over the years across Facebook forums, Instagram and TikTok in regards to aftercare and thought it was about time we wrote a blog post about lash lift aftercare: The Elleebana Way.

First things First, The Wet Lash Myth

The misconception is that water will ‘undo’ the lift and result in a less-than-perfect outcome and an unhappy client. However, if this was true, we here at Elleebana would not perform lash baths at the end of treatment – which we have done for 25 years! In fact, contact with water in the first 24 to 48 hours after treatment will not affect the end result. So next time a you have a client in for a lash lift/lamination, get out the lash bath and clean those lashes! It’s a fabulous way to ensure all lotions and tint have been removed properly.

What to Avoid in the First 24-48 hours

During this period it is essential to avoid exposure to heat and steam, we know that at the end of the day there is nothing better than a hot shower but it’s the compromise we must make. Furthermore, steer clear of rich products such as eye creams, face oils, mascaras and makeup removers. The exception to this rule? Elleebana Makeup Remover and the Elleevate mascara. Both products have been formulated in a way that will not affect lash lift results – how incredible is that?!

Castor Oil, Let’s Talk About it

Castor oil is a popular DIY aftercare treatment for lashes, but it falls short in many ways and it is important to educate our clients on this. Firstly, it can be quite thick and weigh the lashes down. Secondly, The molecule is quite large and cannot actually penetrate the hair to nourish, it simply coats it. Instead opt for a lightweight serum designed for lashes such as Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare or the Elleebana Hyaluronic Boost Serum.

Beauty Sleep has a Whole New Meaning

Did you know that the way a client sleeps can affect their lash lifting results? That’s right, sleeping on their sides or face down can cause lashes to sit in a new and unsightly direction. We recommend you encourage your client to sleep (as best they can) on their backs. If your client wakes up and has rolled over in the night, trust us we have all been there. Simply, let them know to grab a spoolie and gently brush the lashes back into place.

In Summary:

Lash lift aftercare to get the best results and have your clients coming back for more:
💧 Perform a lash bath immediately after treatment
⭐ Educate your client on why they should be using a lash specific aftercare serum daily
😴 Encourage your client to sleep on their back to help maintain results – especially in the first 48 hours