The World of Trade Shows

The World of Trade Shows

What are the benefits of attending a Trade Show for the Salon Owner?

All around the world and for decades the beauty industry has hosted annual trade shows designed for the product manufacturers to showcase their wares and for salons to see in action what is new to the industry.

The internationally recognised Cosmoprof show is hosted annually in Bologna, Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Mumbai are renown for showcasing innovative new industry techniques, products and machinery as well as halls full of packaging, cosmetics and perfumery.

Manufacturers venture to these shows often to see if there are new products or complimentary packaging options that might work well within their range.  They also might be looking for competitive pricing on their current suppliers or to have OEM products manufactured for them. Salons visit to take in all the wonder, often visiting the different country pavilions if they are notably interested in a product from that area around the world.

The excitement and buzz of a tradeshow is palpable and with the setup of the stand, freight, transport and expenses of a show all costing a mint it is obvious that all the exhibitors hope for a busy and profitable show.  As many of the salons choose to shop or train online these days due to the “convenience” it brings to light the question “what are the benefits of attending a show for a salon owner”?  Let me give you some key points that I see beneficial for salons:

  • New product launches – brands launch and demonstrate their new products at shows and often allow salons to have the treatment performed on them or to watch the treatment in action. This can mean you are one of the first to know if this product is for you.  You can choose to invest further in your training with this brand after having seen it in real time minimising your risk and maximising your opportunities.
  • Learning the finer details – when you meet with the manufacturers of your products or chosen ranges within your salon you will be able to hear their direction and purpose for their ingredients and techniques. These might be factors that can help you or your team sell more and educate your clients better.  It might help you to understand the product better and achieve outstanding results and it can help you to save yourself some money as often salon and staff can be wasteful of products if they are not stored correctly or the correct amount is used during treatment time.
  • Education – almost every tradeshow has education seminars, guest speakers, stage presentations and live demonstrations happening over the days of the show. You are guaranteed to walk away having seen something or heard of something new.  These sessions can be building your business, building your brand, showcasing a new product or demonstrating a new technique and having a greater understanding of these factors make your skills more valuable
  • Promotion – online promotion via Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc that you are advancing your education, or you have sent your team along to watch the latest in whatever trend you want to promote is a key component for your business. Your clients and any potential clients will follow and appreciate that you are working to expand your skills, knowledge or product base
  • Socialising – this one is really a factor that most might not think about but as individuals working often without too much contact with anyone other than your clients, it can be a lonely world for the beauty therapist, lash or nail technician or brow stylist. You can find it near impossible to talk to your clients or friends about “this new technique or product that you really want to try” because a lot of clients or friends often won’t share the passion or the understanding that a fellow beauty enthusiast does.  Surrounding yourself with likeminded, industry driven, and inspiring men and women can help you push your boundaries and improve your techniques helping you to be the very best that you can be in your chosen field.

As a brand that has exhibited at the Australian Sydney Beauty Expo for over 20 years now, we wanted to document our experience of the weekend and share with you from our perspective how important it is that we attend these annual events.  Given the opportunity to meet with those who choose to use our products, discuss with them what changes we might have made or the new direction for our brand as well as what new developments we have made to the range is priceless.  We have returning customers who come to our stand, year after year and it’s a wonderful opportunity to see them again and hear how their last year has been.

Our stand has grown increasingly busy over the years with the popularity of the Elleebana lash lift system, Elleebana brow henna range, Elleebana lash extensions and of course the ever amazing Belmacil lash and brow tint.  This year our stand was noted in the top three busiest stands over the entire weekend at the Sydney Beauty Expo.  Why not watch what we got up to, the fun that we have from behind the scenes in our quick documentary style showcase of 2018’s Sydney Beauty Expo.



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Elleebana Elleevation Symposium USA 2018

Elleebana Elleevation Symposium USA 2018

Watch below to find out why everyone is obsessing over Elleebana Elleevation Symposium’s.

We chatted to some of the phenomenal attendees at our latest Symposium, Las Vegas, USA 2018.

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Canadian ESI Conference

Canadian ESI Conference

Team Elleebana attended the ESI Conference in Canada in April. This saw a huge turnout for Otto’s Lash Lifting presentation on “The Secrets of Lash Lifting”. This presentation was so popular in fact, it brought a  jammed packed room with only standing options available.

Elleebana royalty Otto and Zoe Mitter

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Elleebana flying the flag in Prague

Elleebana flying the flag in Prague

Elleebana Director Otto visited Prague in April, speaking and training at the League of Lash Masters.

Otto was given the opportunity to educate attendees of the conference in 6 breakout sessions. There was such a wonderful and positive response with everyone flooding in to sit in on Otto’s first session.

This incredible event saw Otto work alongside some of the most prestigious international lash guest speakers from all around the globe.


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Elleebana Elleevation Symposium

Elleebana Elleevation Symposium

Elleebana touched down in Canada in April for our ever growing  Elleevation Symposium.

It was such a pleasure meeting all our talented Elleebana Canadian family, a big thank you to Lov Cosmetik for hosting this incredible event.

Find out what we get up to at our incredible Symposium below.


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Introducing Elleebana Brow Henna

Available in June.

Introducing Elleebana Brow Henna. The revolution in natural eyebrow tinting.

• Natural eyebrow tinting with tattoo effect on the skin

• Over 100 applications per bottle

• Gentle and innovative formulation

• Stays on hair up to 6 weeks

• No ammonia or hydrogen peroxide

• Vegan and Cruelty free

For further information click here

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Elleebana flying the Flag in the Middle East

Elleebana flying the Flag in the Middle East

Team Elleebana took to the skies in early April, seeing Director Otto Mitter and Australian Master Trainer Jessica Eaton visiting Lebanon with booked out classes at Le Royal Hotel Beirut for Eyelash Lifting Perfection training and Lash Extension training.

Thank you to the incredible Middle East family for hosting such a phenomenal event.








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Otto Wins International NALA Award for Educator of the Year 2018

Otto Wins International NALA Award for Educator of the Year 2018

It is with great pleasure that we announce Otto has taken out the prestigious Award for Educator of the Year at the International NALA Global Lash Awards held in Canada in May 2018.  This is a huge achievement and accomplishment for Otto with so many incredible entries and educators from all around the Globe. It is amazing for Otto to be recognised on an international scale among the industries elite for the passion in education he brings to the industry and is a massive testament to the hours and effort that goes into the training and education that we provide with the Elleebana brand both here on our home soil and on an international scale Globally. A huge congratulations to all the entrants and finalists, we thank you for all the love you all put in to making the lash and brow industry what is it today.

Otto Mitter with Emily Chu-Lee


Congratulations Otto

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Pregnancy and Eyelash Lifting

Pregnancy and Eyelash Lifting

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, loads to look forward to with the impending arrival of a little one.  Acupuncturist and Midwife at Gold Coast University Hospital, Melissa Thompson, has caught her fair share of newborns in the delivery suite but also spends a considerable amount of time with the expecting mothers while they are pregnant and even after the delivery and during breastfeeding stages.  She notes there is so much to consider both during and even after pregnancy with hormonal fluctuations within the mother’s body.

“During pregnancy, often women comment on their hair loss, structural changes of their hair or even new hair growth.  These are due to either increases or decreases of hormones such as Prostaglandin and Oxytocin.  There is not one simply rule to say that every woman’s hormones will behave in the same way as we are all unique and our bodies all respond to pregnancy differently” Melissa says.

“In some pregnancies, women can see hair become curlier or straighter and during breastfeeding hair can fall out.  I see this, or other hair alterations in a considerable percentage of woman I care for and we can mostly attribute this to the change in hormone levels’’

It’s because of these hormonal changes that sometimes an eyelash lift might not work on an expecting or breastfeeding mother, it could also mean the processing time that is required could be longer or shorter.

If you have an expecting mother who books for in for an eyelash lift it is important to confirm if she has previously had this treatment performed with the brand that you are using.  Most times if the mother has not had an eyelash lift before falling pregnant, it would be recommended to not perform the treatment without educating the client of the potential issues such as the lift not working/dropping out or over processing.

The first trimester of pregnancy is often the period of higher hormonal changes and many women are experiencing higher sensitivities during this period so Elleebana recommends avoiding performing eyelash lifts during this first trimester.  Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who do experience a reaction are not able to take antihistamines or antibiotics as these treatments can affect their child and so there are some cautions that need to be taken.

Regardless of pregnancy or non pregnancy you should always have an up to date indemnity form from your client on file that has their current medications or any developed allergies.


Please visit Acupuncturist and Midwife Melissa Thompsons Facebook Page


Melissa Thompson Acupuncturist and Midwife








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Eyelash Lifting Vs Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Lifting Vs Eyelash Extensions

With eyelash lifting becoming such a popular treatment we’ve had lot of people asking, what is the difference between eyelash lifting and eyelash extensions?

Here is some helpful information that will take out some of the guess work for you.

What is the difference between Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash Lifting?

Both are designed to enhance and complement your natural beauty.

Eyelash Extensions – Eyelash Extensions are a synthetic lash made from a high quality PTB (Polybutylene terephthalate) fibre, designed to mimic the natural lash. They are applied to your natural eyelash and come in a range of different lengths, curls and thicknesses and can be applied one by one (classic) or can be applied in multiple (volume) sets of 2D (2 lashes) up to 8D (8 lashes) enabling you to create anything from a natural look to quite dramatic.

Eyelash Lifting – Eyelash lifting is an enhancing treatment on your natural lash. The treatment occurs when the natural lashes are lifted and set around a selected size silicone rod. Lifting and Setting lotions are applied during the treatment and an eyelash tint to finish, resulting in a lengthened, lifted, curled and darkened result.

How long does each treatment take?

Eyelash Extensions – Eyelash extensions can see the initial treatment time vary pending if you are choosing to have classic set or volume set. Classic sets can take about 1.5-2hrs on average with Volume sets taking anywhere between 2-3hrs.

Eyelash Lifting – Elleebana Eyelash Lift, including an eyelash tint can take as little as 30 – 45mins.

How long does the treatment last?

Both treatments are designed to last the duration of the natural lash cycle which can last up to 90days.

Eyelash Extension – An appointment for eyelash extensions is recommended every 2-3 weeks to infill the lashes that have grown out and fallen off.

Eyelash Lifting – Eyelash lifting “re-lift” is recommended anywhere from 6-12 weeks pending on the client’s natural lash and growing cycles.

Are either of these treatment’s uncomfortable to have done?

No – if done correctly, you will not experience any pain from either treatment. Both treatments are done laying down and are the perfect excuse for some quite “you” time.

Are either of the treatments damaging to my lashes?

If done correctly by certified technicians neither treatment should not cause any damage or stress to your natural lashes.

Treatment costs

Eyelash Extensions – Lash Extensions can range from $100 for a classic set to $200 + for a volume set

Eyelash Lifting – Lash Lifting can range from $75 – $120 on average

It’s safe to say each of these amazing lash enhancement treatments sit perfectly in the beauty market place and can both give you the luscious lashes you desire. The question is…. Which one do would you chose?

To find out more about our Lash Lifting or Extension training courses please click below. 

Our Training


This article has been written by Kayla Zigic and produced for Ex-Import Niche Products.  Modification, misuse, copying or reproduction of this content in any manner without written permission from Ex-Import Niche Products is prohibited and Copyright laws will apply.  Sharing the link and giving credit to Ex-Import Niche Products for the content is allowed”.

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