Otto Mitter

Otto Mitter

Otto Mitter

Otto Mitter’s path into the beauty world was inevitable, since a young age Otto was introduced to the world of beauty by his mother who started one of Australia’s pioneering beauty, slimming & health clinics.

Otto’s mother wrote and contributed to the first competency based beauty therapy training in Australia (wrote the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Diploma of Health Science and Aesthetics, and founded the Gold Coast Training Academy who graduated thousands of beauty therapists in Australia) having been brought up by such an influential person in the industry it was only a natural progression that Otto found himself studying make up artistry, beauty therapy and all things lash & brow at the Gold Coast Training Academy straight out of high school.

Fast forward to now and after two decades of studying the art of lashes, brows, beauty and cosmetic formulation, Otto and his team at Ex-Import currently produce and supply lash & brow enhancement ranges for professionals and develop educational programs to over 60 countries across the globe and have a combined team of over 300 trainers worldwide.

Otto’s dedication to education has seen him as a guest speaker and educator at the world’s most prestigious beauty and lash events, learn from the world’s best lash masters and judge at leading global lash competitions.

Over the last few years Otto has been recognised in the industry from his peers by being presented with some of the most sought-after industry awards:

Winner of ABIA “2017 Educator of the Year” – Australian Beauty Industry Awards
Winner of NALA “2018 Educator of the Year” – National Association of Lash Artists Global Awards
Winner of NALA “2019 Product Integrity Award” – National Association of Lash Artists Global Awards
Winner of NALA “2021 Innovative Product” – National Association of Lash Artists Global Awards
Diploma of Personal Care Formulation – 10788NAT
Diploma of Business (BSB50215)
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116)
SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Extensions Certificate Number: LE16308

Otto has a passion for continuing education, working with leaders in the industry and helping up and coming beauty therapists, lash artists and educators develop their profiles and careers, which is appreciated by his team and colleagues around the world.

Career Highlights

Guest speaker / Educator at the world’s leading beauty exhibitions and conferences
Judge for world renowned lash competitions
Co-ordinator for leading eyelash extensions masterclasses in Australia
Producer and head educator of the Elleebana Lash Lift, Eyelash Extensions, Brow Henna
Co- Producer of the Belmacil Lash & Brow Tinting System
Writer and contributor to worldwide industry publications
Founder of Elleebana Educators Elleevation Symposium – USA, UK, Canada
Managing Director – Ex-Import Niche Products


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Zoe Mitter

Zoe Mitter

Introducing Zoe Mitter, General Manager of Elleebana Global and Ex-Import Niche Products. The title of General Manager does not fully encapsulate Zoe’s extensive skillset as a result of her early start in a career of business.

As a child, Zoe watched her own mother (and idol) juggle their family bricklaying business, a mortgage with extreme interest rates and three children, all the while balancing the books and mixing cement (because they couldn’t afford a “brickie’s labourer”), Zoe knew that having a business and a family of her own was never going to be an easy feat. She understood that nothing comes from nothing and to get anywhere it was going to take hard work and dedication.

At 19, Zoe held a role in administration at a manufacturing company when one day a letter arrived in the mail from the Australian Government offering 10 small business owners the opportunity to apply for a Government grant to study a Diploma in Business. Unfortunately for Zoe she was not a small business owner, however, she was not perplexed by this and set out to write her application with the full intent of one day applying the skills and knowledge she would learn to her own business. The convincing and inspiring letter granted Zoe one of the highly coveted positions and she quickly began applying her studies to the manufacturing company she was employed by. Quality control measures improved, productivity increased, new marketing concepts were discussed and implemented and Zoe was swiftly promoted to Office Manager.

Zoe’s love of education extended to Human Resources, Marketing and Accounting – the numbers game is one she enjoys. Her methodical balancing and strategic approach to costing of products and expenses allowed her the perfect opportunity after meeting her husband Otto Mitter, Managing Director of Ex-Import Niche Products. Otto was already running the family business when the two met in 2005 and he explained they were looking for a bookkeeper to join the operation.

The two married in 2008 and spent their honeymoon in Europe visiting Italy’s Cosmoprof and Switzerland’s tint manufacturers. It was clear to Zoe that their life was going to be in the beauty industry which was very new to her but her previous manufacturing and business knowledge made it feel like a pair of gloves that were made for her. Otto’s visions for Ex-Import and the brands the business manufactured or co-produced was far larger than just the Australian market and Zoe was excited to sink her teeth into creating the perfect foundation for export.

Zoe understood that it took a lot of preparation and careful consideration to market an Australian brand to the rest of the world but knew that the two were a dynamic duo and they had something incredible to offer.

Quickly it became clear that Zoe was wearing more hats than just a bookkeepers role at Ex-Import Niche Products and began filling the much needed position of General Manager.

The lash and brow industry was an eye opening and mind bending step for Zoe, she knew the only way she was truly going to understand what her customers needed was to know the products and treatments inside out. She invested in hours upon hours of research, study and practice to understand the complete manufacture, testing, production and marketing process, before delving into the world of lash and brow treatment education delivery.

Zoe’s love of education was reignited when it came time to restructure and redevelop product ranges in preparation for Otto’s vision of a world wide launch of the Elleebana Lash Lift training package. Together Otto and Zoe meticulously crafted the distribution network for the world for Elleebana Lash Lifting products and developed relationships with some of Zoe’s industry heroes.

With the growth of the brand it inevitably increased the growth of the company, with Zoe’s keen understanding and drive to ensure that all elements of the business had a solid foundation, caused rapid company growth without falter. Whether it comes from being a mother to a child who loves lego or the daughter of a bricklayer, Zoe understands the integral factors for business growth and development come from well established and stable groundwork but also that not all business models “fit the same mold” so having a creative flare and adaptability help make masterpieces.

Zoe also understood the importance of continued education for herself and for the team working with her at Ex-Import Niche Products and has implemented various continued education programs for the employees. Over half of all of the current staff at Ex-Import Niche Products are enrolled in some form of further education or attend advanced training in their field with industry experts. “The benefits of continued education for our team keep their skillset fresh and honed. The team are all passionate about gaining knowledge and bettering themselves as they all understand education stagnation in the lash industry will leave you behind”.

2017 saw Zoe and Otto accomplish the world’s first educational seminar solely for lash lifting designed specifically for the global trainers of the Elleebana lash lift brand. The Elleebana Elleevation Symposium is now a universally recognised and highly sought after educational event that is set to raise the standards of training delivery and cement the Elleebana brand name as an industry leader for lash and brow products and training. The current direction for Elleebana and Ex-Import Niche products is just the tip of the iceberg with Zoe – General Manager and Otto – Managing Director, the future for the company is looking virtuous.

Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Extensions Certificate Number: LE16307

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Kristy-lee Roberts

Kristy-lee Roberts

Kristy-lee trained in Beauty Therapy whilst living in North Wales, in the UK; where she explored all things beauty related – nails, facials, OG lash perming and waxing. After completing her training, she decided to work mobile until she got into Mental Health, supporting individuals with physical and mental disabilities. She thoroughly enjoyed this work; it was quite intense at times, but very rewarding as she has always wanted a role where she could help people and make the world a better place. She did pursue beauty on the side and provided her new client base in the Mental Health sector with treatments within their homes.

Kristy-lee spent some time working in the Mental Health industry and gaining Administration experience while fulfilling a role in High Schools assisting the SENCo.  During this time, Kristy-Lee began to feel underwhelmed and simply felt like she was meant to do more! She had always loved Makeup Artistry, so she enrolled into a Lash Extensions course curriculum.  Kristy-Lee then fell in love with all things lashes.  She immersed herself in learning more tips and tricks, researching brands, lash maps and practicing on family members! She finally went back to Beauty full time, eventually landing a spot on a Beauty Concession in a large Department store. Kristy-lee thoroughly enjoyed the experience and new achieving new goals through meeting KPI’s, stock taking, liaising with larger makeup brands, mentoring new staff and working closely with the owners who were based in South Wales.

A local salon Kristy-lee often went to for beauty treatments herself, had a treatment room become available, which funnily enough was her Lash Extensions Educators’.  They were so passionate and enthusiastic about their craft and their passion was so infectious. Kristy-Lee took the chance and moved her clients’ from home to the salon 3 days a week, giving her even more salon experience and building a great clientele.

In 2020, Kristy-lee said farewell to North Wales and moved back to Australia, bringing with her the beauty knowledge, salon experience and leadership skills.  Kristy-lee is looking forward to the future that is ahead of her at Elleebana, stepping outside her comfort zone, further developing her knowledge and meeting so many more beautiful students.

Kristy-lee completed her education in the United Kingdom and holds a Beauty Therapy Diploma. She is four times lash certified, Celebrity Brows qualified and has also trained personally under the guidance of Otto Mitter. Kristy-lee is a qualified nail technician and make-up artist. She is passionate about extending her knowledge and professional development and has undertaken additional studies in skin cancer awareness, skin analysis and facials, brow shaping, waxing, brow threading and mapping.

Kristy-lee holds nationally recognised qualifications in:

Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Extensions Certificate Number: LE16605
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Lift Certificate Number: LL16605
Elleebana Certified Trainer Brow Henna Certificate Number: BH16605
Elleebana Certified Trainer Brow Lamination Certificate Number: BLAM16605
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Lamination Certificate Number: LLAM16605


1st Place Poster Category (Professional Category) – KingdomBeautyCrown Championship

1st Place Fantasy Lash Category – The Skin Games Championship

2nd Place Classic Lashes Category – The Skin Games Championship

3rd Place Lash Lift Pro – Lash & Brow Scotland

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Amie Buckley

Amie Buckley

Amie has pursued a few different career paths. She had never found anything she was truly passionate about. 6 years ago, she enrolled into a classic lash extensions course, she remembers thinking during the course how rewarding it must be to train students in learning a new skill but at this stage, she was focused on becoming a lash technician. Once she had learnt the fundamental skill of lash extensions, she wanted to learn more! She enrolled into a lash lift course, a brow shaping and waxing course, Henna application, Russian volume and mega volume. She also attended 2 lash vision conferences and flew to Brisbane to attend lash bash. During this time she was operating her own business on Chapel Street, Prahran but she felt she needed more, she really wanted the salon experience, working in a team environment so she closed doors and began working for a high end lash and brow studio in South Yarra.

Amie transitioned well and within 6 months she was managing the studio. She was responsible for hiring new staff and training them. She was also part of the training programs that were held there and was very eager to run the training days on her own. Once she began, she knew it was what she wanted to do, she finally found her career. She still loves performing all of the treatments and putting her skills to good use which also helps in class but training is her passion.

Amie holds a nationally recognised :

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Certificate Number: TAE40116
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Extensions Certificate Number: LE16552
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Lift Certificate Number: LL16552
Elleebana Certified Trainer Brow Henna Certificate Number: BH16552
Elleebana Certified Trainer Brow Lamination Certificate Number: BLAM16552
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Lamination Certificate Number: LLAM16552

Career Highlights

International Guest Speaker – Elleebana Educators Elleevation Symposium
Judge for world-renowned lash competitions


1st Place in Artists Supreme 2021 – Brow Styling Pro Category

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Anieka Mudford

Anieka Mudford

Anieka’s love and passion for beauty began at a young age when she saw the joy the industry brought her mother while she studied to become a qualified beauty therapist. Having witnessed this growing up it was a natural progression for Anieka to study beauty herself.  Anieka brought with her the make-up and beauty background and previous RTO experience when she started at Elleebana Global Headquarters in 2018.

Anieka prides herself on keeping up to date with the most current lash and brow training and techniques. With her creative and artistic abilities, she is able to apply these new techniques with flair therefore achieving greater client satisfaction. Her thirst and keen interest to further her knowledge has seen Anieka study and attend multiple lash and brow courses and conferences and with a previous career in the education sector Anieka is able to easily hone her teaching skills and enthusiastically share her knowledge with other therapists to help them succeed in their careers.

Based at the Elleebana Headquarters Anieka has devoted many hours in the Elleebana Excellence Studio and works closely alongside Otto on researching, product development, trials and testing new products and ranges and providing meticulous technical support. The knowledge she has gained about the products she has loved right through from her beauty education till working with Elleebana has given her the insight and is an added advantage in delivering the best possible training experience for her students.

Anieka continues to run the Elleebana Excellence Studio and her home salon performing lash and brow treatments to keep her skills fresh and relevant for her classes.

Anieka holds nationally recognised qualifications in:

Certificate IV in Makeup: CUF40407
Certificate III in Business: BSB30112
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment: TAE40116
Apply Eyelash Extensions: SHBBMUP001
Provide Lash and Brow Services: SHBBFAS001

Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Extensions Certificate Number: LE16310
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Lift Certificate Number: LL16310
Elleebana Certified Trainer Brow Henna Certificate Number: BH16310
Elleebana Certified Trainer Brow Lamination Certificate Number: BLAM16310
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Lamination Certificate Number: LLAM16310

Career Highlights

International Guest speaker – Elleebana Educators Elleevation Symposium
International Guest Speaker – IECSC, Chicago & Las Vegas
Guest Speaker – Permanent Cosmetic Culture Australia


2nd Place Lash Lamination Professional Category – KingdomBeautyCrown Championship


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Amy Carnelley

Amy Carnelley

After winning a Beauty College Scholarship after graduating high school, it became clear that beauty had most certainly chosen Amy. Her Beauty Diploma completed, Amy entered the industry via 2 prestigiously located Ella Bache Salons in Victoria. It was here she developed her treatment and salon management knowledge.

However, it was whilst working amongst Australia’s top wholesalers that Amy’s found her true passion sparked – working with students, salons and beauty professionals alike, to guide and educate in treatments and product knowledge. Building close relationships with Distributors and Trainers gained Amy immense exposure and developed her confidence and devotion to teaching.

Now a Master Trainer for Elleebana and an International Level Lash Lift Judge, her passion for supporting female business owners, therapists, working mothers and entrepreneurs through knowledge and training continues and her ever-present belief that you are “forever learning” makes her an asset to every training situation. Having personally trained under Otto Mitter and some of the world leading eyelash educators, Amy is 3 times certified in Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lift, and Brow Enhancement Services and Certified IV Training and Assessor and is working with children certified under the Working with children Act 2005. Amy’s expertise has seen her grace international stages as a Guest Speaker and facilitator at Beauty Conferences world-wide.

Amy holds nationally recognised qualifications in:

  • SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions
  • SHBBFAS001 Provide Lash and Brow Services
  • TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Extensions Certificate Number: LE16302
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Lift Certificate Number:LL16302
Elleebana Certified Trainer Brow Henna Certificate Number:BH16302
Elleebana Certified Trainer Brow Lamination Certificate Number:BLAM16302
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Lamination Certificate Number: LLAM16302


Ellee-Essence Award Winner 2020: Amy was the recipient of this prestigious award. She showed exceptional heart in her award submission, although this was not of a surprise as truly Amy pours her heart and her positivity into everything she does for Elleebana.   She has been a shining beacon of light and support for her students and for her colleagues.  She has stayed in touch with her students during lockdowns and continued to spread her positivity with the team, holding them up when they may be falling.  Amy inspires us to be brave in the face of adversity and does so because it’s her true nature.

3rd Place in Artists Supreme 2021 – Lash Lift Pro Category

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