Elleebana Excellence Awards


Awards Mission: 

For some time, we have all been prevented from being together.  The challenges we have faced have been cumbersome and confronting but, from under pressure diamonds are made.    

For the second half of 2021, we are turning our attention to the diamonds that have been created by working with the Elleebana brand.  

Our aim has always been to set the standards of creative and collaborative excellence in services and innovation in education and products.  For those that have joined us in the business arena and share our vision to educate and inspire the next creative generation, we want to celebrate their achievements and thank them for their contribution and commitment.  

About the Awards:

We have compiled a series of categories with a variety of factors in mind.  All dates and times will be listed based on Australian Eastern Standard Time.
The nominations – the nominations for these awards categories will close on the 30th of July 2021.  Please feel free to nominate anyone who you feel meets the standards of that category, including yourself or your business.  

The Entries – All who have been nominated will be emailed a link to their category entry form and they will be required to complete this category entry form before the applications close on the 24th of September 2021.

The entries may require you to provide evidence by way of a shareable link.  Any shareable links that are not able to be read will not be included in the entry so be sure to make the link shareable.  

The Finalists – All entries will be reviewed for suitability and the judge’s decision is final.  The finalists of each category will be announced on 29th October 2021Each Finalist will receive a digital finalist certificate and promotional tile to share to their audience that they are included in the Elleebana Excellence Awards Finalists.  

Awards 19th November 2021 our Australian team will be gathering to celebrate the first ever Elleebana Excellence Awards and the winners of these global awards will be announced.  You may wish to gather with your team on this day and join us in the celebration of  these diamonds and excellence that is Elleebana. 

Awards Terms and Conditions:

  • Awards Judging Period – all submissions made in any entry must fall within the following dates: 1st September 2019 – 24th September 2021.    
  • All entries must be an authorised Elleebana Educator or distributor to enter.
  • False information, content or misrepresentation will void the entry or award.
  • Should an award entrant or winner need to be voided, the runner up in the category will be awarded as the winner.   
  • Elleebana reserve the right to use and promote any and all photos, videos, testimonials or images submitted as a part of your application. 

Elleebana Excellence Awards Categories:


This category is focused on promotion and production of promotional and educational content.  You may be sharing or producing educational or promotional content on social media, YouTube, in social media groups or in email newsletters.     

You will be asked to provide evidence of these videos, information on the views, reach or exposure and if the information in the videos is in a language outside that of English, please provide either subtitles or a written translation for the video.  


Elleebana has always felt the beating heart of our beauty industry and strived to give back wherever we can.  Whether it might be from the good deeds you do for the lash and brow community to the environmental care you provide with recycled packaging, we want to acknowledge your efforts towards helping the beauty industry.

You will be asked to provide information in relation to your good deeds, evidence of your efforts and we will want to know what it is that inspires you to make these efforts.  


Every organisation has its own culture, formed from a set of shared values, beliefs, goals, and behaviours.  At Elleebana HQ we have what we refer to as “the Elleebana Way” – which is all about values, morals, and integrity and how we portray ourselves in our day-to-day actions through both business and personal worlds.  We have a family culture that cares for one another and encourages everyone to contribute their best through support, training, and guidance.  

This category is open to employees of any company, distributor, training organisation that forms a part of the Elleebana distribution and training network.

Providing evidence that you work to cultivate curiosity and encourage new ideas for customers or students will form a part of your submission for this category.  You will be asked to provide examples of where you passionately encourage either your team or your students/customers to take on opportunities and contribute their best.  You will be asked to provide testimonials and if you are an employee of a trainer or distributor you will need to provide evidence of your employment.


Marketing and promotion form a tremendous amount of business success.  The promotion of your position within the Elleebana global network is valued by us. Not only are you promoting yourself, but you are promoting the brand that you are representing “Elleebana”.  

The Best Promotion category will ask for evidence of your promotion plans from the past, present and for the future.  This might be in the form of email newsletters, google advertising, social media advertising, social media forum promotion.  


The Elleebana Education Mentorship Award recognises not only how you might mentor students but also how you might mentor others within the Elleebana community.  Together we all grow stronger and at times this means firstly working from within on ourselves and our own professional development and then using what you know to share with your network.  

This award will require you to explain the ways in which your nurture your network, what advice do you offer and the avenues or platforms by which you deliver this mentorship, showcase any events or professional development sessions you have commandeered.  We will require you to give reasons for why you mentor and testimonials from your customers to support your entry.


The Inspirational Artist Award is one that recognises that our educators and distributors are brilliant at their craft.  For many years now, we have had the Instagram Elleebana Global Lash Lift Artist of the Year Award however, Elleebana Educators have not been permitted to enter.  Well, this is your time to shine, but it does not need to only be lash lift entries.  If you are a brow henna educator and wish to enter, we are accepting your entries too.

We want to hear your story, what about your craft do you love and how you came to be the level of artist that you are today?  We want to feel the passion that you have for the Elleebana services that you provide.  You will need to provide a portfolio of your work and it may be across a myriad of services though must all be using Elleebana/Elleeplex only products.


The lash and brow industry has competitions for lash and brow artists all year round.  Otto is frequently a judge for so many of these and he has travelled the globe to judge at live competitions.  We are seeking educators who have entered and won global competitions using Elleebana products to enter this category. 

A rising star is one who is proud of their work, works hard to perfect their skills and pushes themselves outside of their comfort zone to enter in competitions.  It does take a brave soul to push themselves, but its in those uncomfortable spaces is where our true growth comes.  You will be required to provide evidence of your entries into the competitions and evidence of your awards.



We have chosen to make this category segmented by a geographical location as we simply have so many distributors that we feel all are deserving of this award, but we cannot give the award to everyone.  The prestigious title of distributor of the year will go to the distributor whose entry showcases their ability to service their customers with excellence.  The promotion and educational message from the Elleebana Distributor of the Year will hold a strong presence and clear guide to their market.  They will have active promotion across a variety of platforms and will be required to provide evidence of this promotion.  Business growth and percentage increase in sales will be requested as a part of this submission. (Please note – if you are unsure which region your nominee falls into, please check our region map below).



Educator of the year will be a coveted position to hold within the Elleebana Global Family.  We acknowledge and understand that the role of an educator within the Elleebana brand is not simply a scholastic position.  An Educator can encourage, inspire and build confidence in a lash stylist.  They can spark curiosity, encourage stylists to ask the right questions about products and the industry and nurture the growth of the stylists’ skills and businesses.

The Educator of the year will be able to demonstrate their abilities as a role model and showcase key relationships that they have formed with their students.  They will be able to hero the achievements of their students as a result of their shared knowledge.  They will have driven themselves to succeed by entering in competitions or pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and they will be a desired source of knowledge and skill that is sort after for assistance within the lash and brow community. (Please note – if you are unsure which region your nominee falls into, please check our region map below).




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