The Secret to Our Signature 20-Minute Lash Lift - 5 Feb 2024

Have you ever wondered how we achieve our signature 20-minute lash lift? Read on as we let you in on the secret, though we’ll let you know now that One Shot a.k.a the world’s best lash lift system plays a star role.
Trusted by beauty professionals in over 60 countries, Elleebana’s original and award-winning lash lift system has become a global sensation.

So, what sets One Shot apart from every other lash lift lotion on the market?

💧 The advanced formulation contains nourishing and conditioning ingredients such as lanolin.

✨ Works effectively on resistant lashes, even dense, downward facing lashes.

🏆 Trusted and loved by many lash lift artists around the world for 25 years.

🕓 One of the fastest processing times in the industry making the treatment convenient for lash artists and clients alike.


Our top tips for achieving a 20-minute lash lift using One Shot

While One Shot may do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to a swift lash lift treatment, there are other key factors to consider.

Before doing anything at all, double check that you have everything you need to complete your treatment and that your workspace is clear. It may seem simple but it’s often looked-over when trying to achieve a faster treatment time. Continuing on with the basics, cleanse those lashes! An artist wouldn’t begin a masterpiece on a dirty canvas and neither should you, clean lashes will stop oil, make up and other debris slowing the process down later.

Now, for the wrap you have a couple of options –
1. Work in small sections with your adhesive and perfect the placement as you go. This stops you having to comb through almost dry adhesive or having to add more to manoeuvre the lashes which may lead to a barrier being formed which can slow the lotions down.
2. Switch out your regular adhesive for Elleebalm (we must admit, this is our go-to). Elleebalm is flexible and in many cases halves the time of our wrap. Talk about saving time! If you’re new to Elleebalm, here’s how to best use it.

The third and final tip from us today? Mix your Regen (step 3) into your tint. This unique application method allows salons (and their clients) valuable time-saving methods to their services without compromising the clients results, in fact, the results are remarkable!