You Say Rods, I Say Shields - 25 Feb 2022

Quite often we get asked what we use the most on our clients or if we would prefer a rod or a shield.

So let us give you a straightforward answer: We LOVE them both!

There’s a time and place for the use of both rods and shields, one isn’t superior over the other, so let’s break it down…

Choosing a rod or a shield ultimately depends on what your client is hoping to achieve with their lash lift. Therefore, it is extremely important to ask question things like: Would they prefer a beautiful natural lift or would they’d like to achieve a dramatic result? These questions answered could be the perfect guide to choosing a rod or a shield.

There are also other points to take into consideration:

Eye Shape – This will play a large role in determining whether to utilise a rod or a shield. Does your client have round eyes? Are they protruding? Hooded? Explore various eye shapes to drive your confidence in your rod or shield selection.

Desired Result – A great question to ask your Client is “Do you curl your lashes at home? and if so, how?” If they use an eyelash curler and take it right to the base of their lashes, they will most likely prefer the extreme shield. If they mention that they curl in sections for a more natural-looking curl, then your rod will be your go-to for this Client.

Advantage of choosing Rods- The OG of lifting and laminating.

Rods will give you a beautiful natural curl, they are magnificent for giving a subtle yet impressive appearance to the naked eye. The emphasis point of when using a rod is in the mid-section of the lashes, this is where the focus point will be when your lift/lamination is complete. Rods are great used for a person who has naturally long lashes that might require a Large or X-Large rod size who isn’t requiring more height; however, still looking for balance and symmetry with their naturally long lashes. Rods also work extremely well for clients with round shaped eyes as this will help to improve the overall appearance of not focusing on the round shape of their eye and potentially over exaggerating that area but complimenting the round shape with a soft curl.

Advantages of choosing Shields- Are the newest babies to join our wrapping family

These glorious tools will give you that VA-VA-VOOM to your lift or lamination that will make you say “hello lashes!”

Shields are impeccably known to create drama; they will help your lashes reach heights you never thought possible. With less of a curl and more of a lift and emphasis from the base of the lashes you will see your lashes transform. Shields are wonderful for our shorter lash clients, clients who tend to require a small size shield as this really helps to elongate the lashes and give the most impeccable height. Shields are also great used on a client with a slimmer almond shaped eye as this will help to open the eye and give height and balance not only to the lashes but also the eye shape.

A common eye shape that I have come across and see many asking the question how do I tackle through this eye shape to give the best lift possible. Is a downturn eye shape. This can prove to be less than impressive on the outer corners when we believe our application is impeccable lashes are sitting perfectly on the rod or shield.

This is where we need to change things up a little here and to consciously place the lashes on the outer corner where they are downturned set them inwards on your rod or shield towards the middle of the eye, set the lashes into a position that might not look perfect on paper, but when we do this – it is going to encourage those lashes that are straight and downturned to change more dramatically into the position you are after. If we keep them sitting straight like the rest of the eye this can prove to keep that downturned effect being your focal point.


When choosing between a rod and shield look at your client’s eye shape, how the lashes naturally sit when not lifted. What length are your clients’ lashes? Is there an area of correction or disguise we need to engage with?

Busy lash lift artists benefit from keeping all sizes of both rods and shields on hand! Deciding which will flatter your client’s eyes the most is your artistic spin on the service. Use this post as a guide for your consultation process and see how you can best style your clients’ lashes!


This blog post has been written by Elleebana Educator, Amy Carnelley