How to make the most of your Elleebana Training - 8 Feb 2022

Whether you’re looking to develop a career path in the Beauty Industry, improve a skill you already have or add a new treatment to your salon menu, signing up for an Elleebana Training Program can take you to another level. Education and upskilling are crucial to keeping up-to-date and even a step ahead in this ever-growing industry.

During my years working as an Elleebana Educator, I have been lucky enough to train more than 400 students.

I have identified the most common types of learners: the observer, the visual learners, interactive, collaborative, the curious and the bubbly. Based on their behavior, I have been able to accommodate them and cater the best learning experience I can provide.


If you find yourself to be more of a visual learner, you’ll love the fact that our theory component features a variety of graphic elements to show examples, when it comes to the practical elements in our face-to-face training you also get the opportunity to watch a live demonstration, or online training many videos to help you get the most out of your training.

Curious minds will be put at ease as our content is jam packed full of information, I always mention to my students the classes are highly interactive and students are encouraged to join in with questions and their own experiences throughout the day.

I’ve noticed that if you are an observer, you may feel more comfortable just paying attention to the treatment and asking questions after the session via e-mail which by the way is something Elleebana educators are very proud of. If you train at the Elleebana Academy, you’re not left in the dark. Support is something that you always need along the way and Elleebana is world renowned in that arena.

Whichever way you learn best we are dedicated to offering amazing support and we welcome you into our community with open arms.

Many important factors come to mind when considering and researching your options for upskilling through education, though something that is just as important is preparing for the course. It may sound obvious but preparation is one of the key elements to make the most of your day in training and therefore, immerse yourself in learning a new skill.


  • Research your brand
  • Look at their testimonials
  • Think about the technique you would like to improve


We need to ask ourselves, are we ready to attend training?

Here’s a few things to help prepare you for the day:

Firstly, mindset is everything. You need to be opened to learning something new and willing to step out of your comfort zone. I feel this is such an important factor when attending training if you are not ready or not in an open mindset you may find it difficult to learn.

Be prepared, if you are travelling to a location, you aren’t familiar with, do your research on parking/public transport, how long it will take to get there allow time for traffic – aim to be early rather than on time, there’s nothing worse than feeling stressed if you are running late it can really impact you on the day.

Bring supplies! Water, snacks + pens, highlighters, notepad, glasses – anything that you feel you will need through the day.



Check out the itinerary for the course, when does the class begin/end, what time is lunch, if you are required to bring a model what time is the model needed? If you are a little anxious, running through the course info can help you know how the day is going to run so you can feel a little more at ease.

If possible, don’t schedule anything for the afternoon/night after training – this can really impact your mindset as you will be thinking about making it to the appointment/event instead of focusing on the day ahead of you.

Set up an auto message on your salon socials + phone that you are attending training and all messages/enquires will be handled the next day, if you are taking calls or messages through training this can be super distracting, not only for you but other students around you.

Lastly, do not be afraid to ask questions the trainer is there to help you and they want to ensure you understand the content – if you don’t feel comfortable asking questions out loud, write down your questions and when you have a moment with the trainer ask the questions then – also make sure you get the contact info of the trainer/company for further support after the training day finishes.



This blog post has been written by Elleebana Educator, Sami Lind.