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Elleebana Friday Refresh Sesh

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Elleebana Friday Refresh Sesh

Course Overview: The Elleebana Friday Refresh Sesh has been developed after taking our students feedback for real.  We love to hear what our students have to say and almost always the feedback is splendid.  The one point that some have mentioned that we won’t ignore, is that our trainers are so amazing that the students want more time with them.  We get it! ?We wanted to give you what you wanted which was another session with our trainer to perform the same service that you have learned under their careful guidance, assistance and support to help you be even more confident than ever before.

Each session will only have a short question and answer session at its inception (no more than 15mins), and the remaining time will be geared towards perfecting your technique by performing the treatment.  If you are wanting further technical support we have a dedicated technical support line to help you troubleshoot so that your time at this Friday Refresh Sesh is dedicated to your physical skill perfection.

The Friday session is broken into three units (Lash Lifting, Brow Henna and Classic or Volume Lash Extensions) and you may only attend the unit that you are booked for.  If you are a student of Elleebana’s in more than one course (say you loved our lash lifting class so much that you attended our lash extensions class also), you are welcome to attend more than one of the sessions so long as you are a student of ours in that technique.  Sadly this means if you are not a student of ours in that technique after the year of 2017, you will be declined a position at one of these sessions and will be encouraged to sign up to one of our excellent, world renown classes before you can come along to our Friday Refresh Sessions.

During your guided applications you will be critiqued with care and aided in the areas that you express you would love more assistance with so that the duration of the time with your trainer is catered and customised to the area that you need it to be.  What a perfect way to spend Friday and you will be finding the term TGIF even more appropriate.

Topics we cover: LASH LIFTING – as you will have already attended a Lash Lifting class as a part of the 2017 evolved training program, you are privy to some of the latest and greatest techniques on the market.  Some of you might not be fully versed in the application of some of our newer products such as the Extreme styling shields or ReGen products and we can discuss these products and all new releases in these classes.  Our trainer will have them available for you to use in this class and of course you can purchase after the course.BROW HENNA – as a release of our 2020 training manual covers some new content such as revised application techniques, methods and new products, formulations our trainer is available to answer all of your questions, and you are free to use all of the working stock and trial the newer styling methods under the trainers assistance.

EYELASH EXTENSIONS – you may have trained with Elleebana in either Classic or Volume Lash Extensions techniques and could benefit from having your application technique monitored to improve your speed or retention.  This is the perfect chance to do so.  It might only be a minor adjustment to your technique that needs our trainers carefully honed eye to detect where you need a slight amendment and you will be off and lashing with assurance. You might like to try lashing with our new Pre-Made fans or various other lash curls but haven’t performed a set before using these, well this is a great opportunity to work through your technique with our skilled team.


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