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Belmacil Eyebrow Bleaching Creme (Lightening creme)

Finally a solution to colouring the eyebrows a lighter shade!

Have you ever had a client that has dyed their hair light blonde but their eyebrows are still dark brown or black?

We have had many requests for this product and we are pleased to offer this eyebrow bleaching crème with the superior quality known from the Belmacil formulation.
You can now lighten the brows 3 – 4 shades lighter depending on your processing time and the original colour of the hair.
Bleaching hair is different to each client depending on the pigmentation of the client's hair so processing times will vary from client to client.

Be sure to apply Belmacil eyebrow bleach to all hair from root to the tip.

If required then tint with a Belmacil colour e.g. light brown or honey brown to achieve your desired result.

Content:- 20gm and up to 50 applications per tube!
Read instructions before use.

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