When and why should I patch test and provide indemnity forms? - 29 Apr 2021

While Elleebana Extension Adhesives are medical grade and approved for use around the eye area, there is still a risk that clients can experience an allergic reaction due to their intolerance to the ingredients. Patch testing can decrease this risk and help to identify signs of sensitivities to any products or materials used. However, there is no guarantee a reaction will not occur.

It’s imperative to know the signs of a reaction and even though no product should come into contact with the skin or eyes, it is important to patch test for all new clients or any changes of products you use during the treatment.

We recommend to keep an up to date indemnity form for all clients regardless of whether they agree to go ahead with the service, with or without a patch test and check with your insurance provider and their policy for indemnity forms.