My client has lash extensions on but wants a lash lift. Can I remove the extensions and lift the lashes in the same treatment? - 30 Apr 2021

The short answer is no – while we have tested this and had great results we have only tested this using Elleebana lash extensions product range and not every lash extensions product range (i.e. glue, remover, primer) is the same. We also can’t determine the results of this as many lash extensions technicians that operate may not perform lash extensions safely (with correct isolation or not enough glue control causing overloading of the lash line). If a client comes with unsafe lash extensions applied there is a large likelihood that their natural lashes will be damaged and lifting damaged lashes might also cause breakage. For this reason, we have to say that the treatment can only be performed after the removal of lash extensions on a case by case basis and with careful lash health assessment.