How do I keep care of my products? - 29 Apr 2021

Eyelash Extension Adhesives

Elleebana Eyelash Adhesive should be stored away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. To improve the longevity of your adhesive performance we recommend to store in an air-tight container with a silica pack (also found inside each bag of adhesive) to draw out moisture.

As these adhesives are cyanoacrylate-based products there is a short shelf life and even shorter after opening as the adhesive begins to polymerize after exposure to air and moisture – this is a standard expectation for all lash extensions adhesives (regardless of the brand) as the technology and raw materials used to manufacture these products are fairly similar.

Ensure the lid is sealed well between uses, always use the stopper when shaking the adhesive prior to treatment and clear the nozzle of excess adhesive with an alcohol wipe to prevent build up in the lid.

Tools & Tweezers

Make sure that all your tools/tweezers have been washed have been sanitised with alcohol wipes or appropriate sanitisation method before and after each client. An autoclave is a great way to heat your implements in a way that eliminates any bacteria from your tools.

Eyelash Extensions

We recommend storing your lash extensions in a dust proof tray.