Global Artist Awards 2021 - 20 Sep 2021

The Elleebana Global Artist Awards 2021 has continued to explode in its 6th year of running. The competition has already received almost 200 entries in only two categories released. The Elleebana Team is absolutely astounded by the overwhelming response the competition has had so far.

The Elleebana Global Artist Awards is the only online competition of its kind worldwide. The competition started with an idea to create a platform for lash artists to become inspired by other artists and to showcase their own amazing work. Judges are blown away with the high level of work that can be seen throughout the competition.

The competition provides a platform for artists all over the world to establish connections with the ability to network with other industry professionals and develop their own skill and knowledge. Our team is very proud that lash lifting/brow lamination is now receiving the recognition it deserves. We are excited to see the level of competition in the four categories released.

This is an Instagram based competition, you can view the rules of entry and T’s and C’s clicking on the links below:

2021 Banging Brows – Terms & Conditions – Elleebana OFFICIAL®

2021 – Lights Camera Lift! – Terms and conditions – Elleebana OFFICIAL®

Category 3: 2021 The Great Lash Wrap Challenge – Terms and Conditions – Elleebana OFFICIAL®

Category 4: 2021 The Ultimate Before and After – Elleebana OFFICIAL®

With the permission of the entrants, we have some of the top lash lifts from over the years…