Elleebana’s Top 3 Insights for Exceeding Customer Expectations - 30 Sep 2022

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

-Maya Angelou

How often do you hear stories from your friends, family members or clients regarding moments of negative customer service that they have experienced at an establishment? How likely are you to visit those establishments for your next purchase, service or treatment?

Unlikely? You’re not alone!

In fact, in a 2020 Achieving Customer Amazement Study published by Forbes Magazine, more than 1,000 consumers were surveyed which identified 96% of customers will leave a business due to a negative customer service experience.

This leads us to ask the question…

If customer service has such a profound impact on our clients overall experience and their choice of business or brand, what steps can we take to ensure that our customer service reflects the same love, passion and devotion we have for our craft?

Let’s discuss some of the key focuses that we embed here at Elleebana HQ to ensure that all our clients have a positive and personable customer experience with us.

Elleebana’s Top Three Insights for Customer Service:

1. The First Point of Contact

Whether you communicate with your customers via phone, email, SMS, social media or in person, the first point of contact is your customer’s first taste of what you’re serving.

A friendly, approachable disposition helps to make your customers or clients feel at ease, welcomed and comfortable.

Smiling can increase mood-enhancing hormones and helps to decrease the effects of stress-enhancing hormones.  Greeting your customers with a smile sets the tone for the conversation.

If you are communicating with your customers and clients through various channels online, you can still illustrate your amazing customer service through polite, friendly and personable messages.

Providing a friendly service to your clients is how you control the tone or the energy of the conversation and in return, will represent a positive customer service experience.

2. Solution-Focused Approach

Whether people are looking to make a purchase, searching for a service provider or requiring assistance, customers who approach your business will always seek action.

Actively listening to your client and giving them personalized advice or solutions,  is when we see the rudiments of great customer service.

Turning the focus on the solution is what helps your customer feel acknowledged and validated.

Whether they are coming forward with a question, a technical issue, a concern or simply providing feedback, it is vital to have clear and precise procedures and solutions in place for you and your team to streamline your customer care experience.

3. Product & Service Knowledge

Understanding and being confident with your products or services is visible when you are communicating with your customers.

Having in-depth knowledge of what your business represents, the products you are using, and the services you are providing will instill confidence in your client.

Ensuring that customer service staff have clear and easy to access references for information and providing them with tools and resources to find information promptly will ensure that your team is confidently equipped – expediting the service in a professional and efficient manner.

These top three insights create a great foundation to facilitate a positive and welcoming environment for all of your customers and your team; giving your products or services a stage to shine.

Ultimately, customer service is a feeling.

The feeling you experience when you walk into a business when you explore a website or the feeling you have when you are greeted by the front desk staff.

It’s the feeling you have after your lash lift or brow lamination and you’re looking in the mirror at the end of the day.

It’s the feeling of peace, tranquillity and beauty that we hope to share with all of our Elleebana clients, friends and family.