Elleebana Master Educator on the Spotlight – Meet Amie Buckley - 21 Jul 2022

My mum always told me from a very young age that one day I was going to be a teacher, I Would spend hours teaching my little brother new things. I taught him how to ride a bike and how to read. Teaching was never something I thought I would pursue because when I thought of teaching all I pictured was a primary school teacher and that was never something on my radar (I take my hat off to all the primary school teachers, especially since having children of my own).

My first real job was at a stationery company where I completed my certificate III in retail, I then moved on to hospitality part-time, studied Event management and tourism full time and successfully achieved my diploma. I had my first son and realised events meant that I had to dedicate my every weekend, day and night to my career and was feeling a little lost on what to do next.

I have never been afraid to study and learn new skills, eyelash extensions became an obsession of mine so I enrolled in a beginner’s classic lash extension course. It was then I realised I had found something I absolutely love to do! This course was just the beginning, I attended training in lash lifting, volume lash extensions, waxing and threading and opened my very own salon all while expanding my little family.

I attended lash conferences and met so many like-minded professionals in the industry who helped me to progress and motivate me even further. After 1 year my lease ended and I had the choice to find a new location or upskill my experience and work in local salon. I decided to move on and work for a lash and brow salon and this is where I began my education journey. This salon offered small classes for lash extensions and lash lifting, I learned the curriculum and was running classes in no time! A friend of mine in the industry sent me a link to Elleebana’s training position. I knew this was exactly where my path had taken me and I immediately applied. Who would have thought after all these years, my mum was right!

Elleebana has been my family for 2 years now, during this time I have delivered many courses both in person and online, entered and won a global competition for brow lamination, completed my certificate 4 in training and assessment and presented at Symposium in Las Vagas in front of 100 beauty experts. Being an educator is so rewarding, knowing you have helped someone achieve a new life skill will forever be one of my greatest accomplishments.

Dreaming big is one thing but having the opportunity to fulfill these dreams is another. Otto and Zoe are the most encouraging power couple who have offered me opportunities that I never thought it would be possible. These opportunities have allowed me to grow personally and professionally. This is still the beginning of my journey and I cannot wait to see what else is in store.