Elevate Your Beauty Game with Elleeplex Profusion - 23 Apr 2024

Elevate Your Beauty Game with Elleeplex Profusion: Elleebana’s Award-Winning Lash and Brow Lamination System

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, innovation is the key to standing out, and that’s precisely what Elleebana set out to achieve with the creation of our multi-award-winning lash and brow lamination system, Elleeplex Profusion. This innovative system, developed over a two-year period with extensive clinical trials, marked a new era in lash and brow lamination.

Why Elleeplex Profusion Stands Out

Otto, the visionary behind Elleebana, recognised a gap in the market for a lash and brow lamination system that offered both convenience and gentleness to lash and brow artists. Unlike many other systems that use thioglycolate as an active ingredient in perming agents, Elleeplex Profusion utilises a cysteamine HCL active. This formulation minimises the chance of overprocessing, keeping lashes healthy and maintaining their bond integrity.

But that’s not all! Elleeplex Profusion incorporates the Re-Gen–Next-Gen, the world’s most innovative third step, boosting hydration and strength in the lashes for optimal results and lash health. Amino acids and peptides are infused into the lashes during the lamination process, providing an extra boost of strength and nourishment.

The Benefits of Elleeplex Profusion

💫Gentle Processing: The cysteamine HCL active breaks down bonds slowly, making the system less hostile and more flexible with processing times. This minimises the chance of overprocessing lashes and ensures consistent, beautiful results.

🌸Natural Grow-Out Phase: One of the standout features of Elleeplex Profusion is its gentle grow-out phase. The lashes relax over time, creating a more natural look during the grow-out phase, eliminating the untamed look often associated with the grow-out of thioglycolate-based systems. Check out the evidence here.

🧡Versatility: The system is suitable for both lash and brow lamination, offering therapists the flexibility to provide two different services using the same product. With a recommended processing time of 4 to 10 minutes for each step in brow lamination, depending on hair type, efficiency is not compromised.

🎨Customisable Colour Palette: The Elleeplex Profusion colour system range includes eight shades that can be used for both lashes and brows, allowing therapists to customise the colour palette to suit a variety of hair types.

🌱Vegan Friendly and Gentle on the skin: Elleeplex Profusion is vegan friendly and has pH levels closer to that of the skin, making it suitable for even the most sensitive clients.

Awards and Recognition

The success of Elleeplex Profusion speaks for itself, with multiple awards under its belt, including:

🏆 2021 Innovative Product AwardNational Association of Lash Artists

🏆 2022 Best Brow Brand – Lash & Brow Awards UK

🏆 2022 Best Lash Product – Lash & Brow Awards UK

🏆 2022 Best Brow Lamination – Skin Inc Awards

🏆 2023 Brow Lamination of the Year ASCP Reader’s Choice Awards

🏆 2023 Community Fav Brow and Lash Treatment – Lipgloss & Aftershave Fav Awards

Elleeplex Profusion has set a new standard in the beauty industry with its innovative approach, gentle formulation, and outstanding results. Ready to elevate your salon offerings? Enrol in a lash and brow lamination course with Elleebana and experience the magic of Elleeplex Profusion firsthand. Choose from online or face-to-face training options to suit your preferences.

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