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Elleeplex Profusion Lash & Brow Lamination Combined Course

Lift Your Lash & Brow Education to new heights!

Since 1995 Elleebana has been an inspirational force in the lash & brow enhancement industry, with the flagship Elleebana and Elleeplex Profusion ranges now exported to over 60 countries around the world.

Elleebana is multi-award-winning for product innovation, support and education, nurturing our upcoming beauty therapists and helping lash artists develop their careers. Our education curriculum has been the global industry benchmark, that many other brands have followed when it comes to Lash Lift and Lamination education. Learning the Elleebana method will help you achieve incredible results and have your clients coming back for more! Unleash your full potential, as you learn from the brand masters!

This transformational course takes lash lamination to the next level by incorporating the world’s most innovative step 3 – ReGEN with POWERBOND technology. This unique application offers salons valuable time-saving methods without compromising the clients results by utilising ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost volume instantly and strengthen hairs by 21% and elasticity by 18%.

Elleeplex Profusion addresses one of the biggest fears in the lash industry, over processing lashes. Profusion abolishes that fear due to our innovative and gentle formulation which supports the natural integrity of the lashes and brows. Profusion has changed the lash lift and lamination game forever.

Under the expert guidance of our Elleebana Master Educators, you’ll take part in the most comprehensive theory session, followed by an in-depth Q and A demonstration, then progressing to work on your own model, perfecting the critical elements of lash lamination under the skilful and supportive guidance from our Elleebana Master Educators.

The second day of your course arms you with the detailed concept of brow lamination and award-winning insights to achieve incredible results and have your clients coming back for more.

Elevating your expertise doesn’t end here; Our award-winning online support program is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Prepare to embark on a path that sets industry standards even higher. The online component consists of ongoing Q and A support with the Elleebana education team, including theory assessment, followed by the submission of before and after images for evaluation. These will be submitted after your hands-on training class to further ensure you have been able to retain and apply your newfound lash and brow mastery skills.

*This is a two day course.

Topics we cover

  • The science of lash & brow lamination
    Functions of formulas
    Mastering the art of rod and shield placement
  • Hair Structure and Skin Anatomy
  • Lamination and hair removal
  • Lamination and colouring hair
  • How to master the colouration process with Elleeplex Profusion Colour System
    How to incorporate ReGEN – POWERBOND technology into your Lash & Brow Lamination services
    Lash Placement under the microscope
    The ultimate guide to adhesives and Lami balm
    How to measure lashes correctly for lash lamination
    How to reverse a lash lamination
    Contraindications & Consultation
  • Patch testing for lamination and tinting with Elleeplex
  • Understanding eyebrow shapes, face shape and brow design
  • Cost of treatment and income potential
  • Brow Lamination process and step-by-step procedure
  • Brow tinting mastery with the Elleeplex Profusion System
  • Aftercare advice and homecare products
  • Cost of treatment and income potential
  • How to determine lash readiness liker a pro! Taking the guess work out of processing times
  • How to create viral videos and photos to boost your social media and business
  • The complete step by step process of the award winning Elleebana method!
  • Case study submission theory

Course Price

$820 Inclusive of GST * ** In-salon pricing plus travel fees if applicable

This hands-on course is available at the Elleebana Excellence Academy and Studio in Burleigh Heads or we can come directly to your salon. This combined course is not available through our wholesalers locations.

$150 non-refundable booking fee applies and is included in the above-mentioned price and full payment is required to secure your position at a class.

Course Inclusions

  • Elleeplex Profusion Kit with a profit potential income of AUD$2,300
  • Elleeplex Brow Lamination Manual packed with world leading content
  • Elleeplex Lash Lamination Manual packed with world leading content
  • Elleebana Eye Pads
  • Mircobrushes
  • Doe Foot Applicators
  • Elleebana White Brow Henna Pencil
  • Precision Brow Light Ash Brown Pencil
  • Precision Brow Deep Warm Brown Pencil
  • Precision Brow Dark Ash Brown Pencil
  • Mascara Wands
  • Elleebana Wonder-wands
  • Elleebana Promotional Items
  • Globally recognised certification on completion of case studies
  • Access to your trainer’s full tinting products and the Elleeplex Profusion Tinting range for trial on your models
  • Access to your trainers Elleeplex Aftercare and Elleevate Aftercare product lines

Important times:

  • Day One:
  • Our Elleeplex Profusion course day one has a 9.30am start time but we ask you to arrive at 9:15am (please be prompt) and the class finishes at 4.30pm.  We break at 12:15pm for a 30min lunch break.
  • Day two:
  • Our Elleeplex Profusion course day two has a 9.30am start time but we ask you to arrive at 9:15am (please be prompt) and the class finishes at 4.30pm.  We break at 12:15pm for a 30min lunch break.
  • Our educators have plenty to cover and we are extremely passionate about each student gaining the most from this class so please be prepared and attentive.  We strongly recommend you bring a packed lunch or snacks and to check traffic and parking information at your training venue prior to the training day.
  • The course continues outside of the classroom with a requirement to submit 5 case studies of both services (5 x lash lamination and 5 x brow lamination services) to your Elleebana Master Educator via email for assessment based on everything you have learnt throughout the course. These images must be submitted within 3 months of attending your class.

Model required:

  • Day One:
  • We follow a program structure where students in this course will work-on-each-other during the afternoon’s practical element of the hands-on training.   Should you have lash extensions on, be contraindicated or you have had a lash lift/lamination in the last 8 weeks then we would need to request that you bring a model. You may also be required to arrange a model if there is an odd number of students booked for this class.
  • To confirm your specific model requirements for attending the course please speak further with the Elleebana Excellence Academy Education coordination team (call 07 5576 6388 and select the training option).
  • Day two:
  • We follow a program structure where students will work on two models during the afternoon’s practical element of the hands-on training.   Should your models be contraindicated or have previously had a brow lamination, brow henna service or brow tint in the past 6 weeks then they are not suitable to be your model for the class.
    Choosing reliable and prompt models for your class will help your learning experience.
  • The first round of models is required at 12:45pm and the second round is required at 2pm.  The model required at 2pm may have both a lash and brow lamination service performed if you are feeling confident at combining services and so ensuring this second model is suited to both services is important.
  • To confirm your specific model requirements for attending the course please speak further with the Elleebana Excellence Academy training coordination team.  Sourcing an ideal model and one that is not contraindicated for your training will certainly set you off on the right track.
  • Click here to view the contraindications for lash lamination services
    Click here to view the contraindications for brow lamination services

Important Notes

We offer this course with over 25 years’ experience offering lash and brow services. The Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination services are exciting services to offer in your salon.  If you have previously trained with another brand you might find some similarities between the treatment but we ask that you are willing to re-learn what you might know as our comprehensive Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination Combination Course is assured to offer a more comprehensive understanding of the lash and brow lamination treatments than ever before. We don’t leave you to your own devices and guide you through your treatments carefully on the day, perfecting your techniques and understanding of the treatments – you are welcome to contact us after your day of training with any questions that you might have, feedback of any kind and the correspondence continues as you submit your before and after images for assessment.

Please note:
1. $150 non-refundable booking fee applies for each individual cancellation or no show.
2. Full payment is required to secure a student’s position at a course.
3. Student numbers are to be confirmed on the Monday of the week prior to your training date and and may determine if a class proceeds or not.
4. We reserve the right to withhold issuing of a certificate until competency has been achieved.
5. We request that if you are feeling unwell or have COVID19 symptoms to speak with your Booking Agent and reschedule your training.
6. Filming is not permitted in the course. If a student repeatedly ignores this or any other directive from the trainer, they may be asked to leave the class.

*this price is quoted for the first attendee only and travel/additional attendee cost apply

**Price is subject to change
You can also view the training dates available through our wholesalers listed on our website www.elleebana.com/our-training

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