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Welcome to the elleebana online course registration!

For 25 years, Elleebana has performed countless courses with some of the world’s most respected training institutions, beauty and hair salons, day spas and wholesalers of the beauty and hair industry.

Our fully qualified, hand-picked team, along with Managing Director Otto Mitter have constructed a range on Online courses available WORLDWIDE!

These online courses provide world recognised skills to enabled graduates to offer in-salon Elleebana services and treatments of the highest standards.

Elleebana Lash Lift Online Course

The online Lash Lift Course where the trainer is in contact with you virtually on a mandatory zoom session where the course is presented to you along with all of the key components and their brilliant trainers tips.  In conjunction with self-paced learning through the Elleebana Excellence Academy Educational Platform you will get the best of both worlds, self-paced learning, with a trainer available to answer all of your questions and review your work!  With our program, you always have extra added virtual support if required throughout your online learning journey.

We don’t just send you videos and leave you to your own devices, our team know that the best online learning experience comes from replicating the “in-person” connection just like our hands on classes. Our curriculum allows a more productive and complete online learning experience.


Welcome to the elleebana online course registration!

Welcome to the world of multi award winning Elleebana Lash Lift education. Elleebana is the world’s most popular lash lift and lamination system, globally recognised and trusted by leading experts in over 60 countries. Our education program has been crafted by our award winning team, bringing you over 20 years combined experience in the lash and brow industry. Otto Mitter, managing director of Elleebana is a regular speaker and competition judge on the global circuit for eyelash extensions and lift/lamination competitions, conferences and exhibitions. At Elleebana we thrive on sharing our experience and expertise with our students and over the years Elleebana has helped to create the next generation of beauty influencers and leaders in the lash industry.

This course arms you with the detailed concept of lash lifting as well as the hidden tips to mastering your technique to achieve the perfect lift each and every time. Our theory session commences with product knowledge and understanding of the delicate eye area that you are working with, contraindications and how to consult for this treatment.


  • Science of Lash Lifting including topics on active ingredients and the ingredient trends, functions of formulas and the chemistry elements
  • Understanding lash lift adhesives
  • Eye anatomy, hair and lash texture theory
  • Profitability and income potential of lash lift services
  • Client/technician well-being and self-care
  • Health, safety and sanitation – for your clients and for yourself
  • Detailed step-by-step application procedure and how to master your technique
  • Advanced processing times explained
  • Product information, usage and storage guidelines
  • Consultation, contraindications, patch testing, reactions and the importance of indemnity and legal requirements such as insurance
  • Eye shapes and face considerations and key tips to craft the perfect lift for your client
  • Elleebana facial acupressure for a new approach to client experience
  • Advanced procedure on lash lift reversal
  • Lower lash relaxation
  • Advanced application techniques using Elleeplex ReGen and Extreme Styling Shields
  • After-care advice and the benefits of retail products explained
  • Step by step lash tinting application procedure
  • In-depth marketing strategies for business growth and success
  • How to capture award winning images for social media promotion
  • Our secrets on how to win lash lift competitions from the judge’s perspective
  • Frequently asked questions with detailed explanations
  • Case study submissions outlined


$500 Inclusive of GST




  • A full-sized Lash Lifting kit valued at $170 with a minimum of 30 applications.
  • A pack of eye pads valued at $12
  • A pack of micro brushes valued at $21.95
  • Instructional copyrighted manual
  • Access to promotional material and flyers/posters in digital format
  • Certificate upon submission of a minimum of 5 before and after images that are successful.
  • To view our online Info Pack Click Here

How will the On-Line program be structured?


Upon confirmation of payment, our team will step into action to support your Elleebana Lash Lift online journey! Our dispatch team will ship you a package that will include your product and manual as per the course inclusions above and you will then be granted access to the Elleebana Excellence Academy Online Educational Platform.

Commencement of Your Course

In an effort to deliver world class online education of the highest standards you will participate in two separate Skype/Zoom,sessions. For the first session, we ask that you plan on allowing 30 minutes – 1 hour time frame. We will be introducing you to your dashboard and the extensive learning modules, so we can ensure that you have an excellent understanding of the requirements to complete the program.

In the modules you will find a mixture of theory content and in-depth video tutorials in a easy to use online learning environment.
You will be required to complete an online exam throughout the course and on completion you will be require to submit before and after images (within 3 months) as part of your assessment process.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we are extending the assessment period. Please speak to your trainer directly for further information.

Completion of the Course
Once you have successfully completed the assessment phase of your course, we will issue your certificate of completion! HOORAY!!


You will need to source models to do your treatments on, take images and submit to your trainer for assessment towards receiving your certificate. Click here to view the contraindications
We offer this course with over 25 years’ experience offering lash and brow services. The Elleebana Lash Lift treatment is one of the fastest and most advanced on the market.


If you have previously trained with another brand you might find some similarities between the treatment, however, there can be major differences between brands and training with our brand will be highly recommended to maximise your ability of achieving optimal results.

1.Online courses are non-refundable and non-transferable
2. We reserve the right to withhold issuing of a certificate until competency has been achieved through successful assessment.
3. Online courses are only available in English and subtitles are unavailable.
4. You are given 3 months of access to the online course.
5. Certificates will be issued with the name on the booking form and sent to the contact details supplied. If you are purchasing this course on the behalf of someone else, please use their details.


This lash lift course has helped my confidence in my lash lift service. I have been doing lash lifts for a couple years and the training a received before wasn’t as informative as this course was. The videos that Otto created have so much information that I didn’t know about the Elleebana products. I loved that this course was go at your own speed. I’m currently a small beauty bar owner and it can get pretty tough on you with time. I was able to sit for a couple minutes at a time to actually give the coarse my full attention. Even in-between guests I would get some education in. This was my first time taking a online course with Elleebana but not my first online course. This course was very well thought out. I actually really enjoyed the itinerary and structure. Videos weren’t too long or too short. The information was amazing, the course didn’t feel like it was dragging and it was super fun learning. I am extremely happy I choose Karin as my trainer. We instantly connected when I hopped on the call with her. She gave me amazing tips and tricks to perfect my lash lifts. I really enjoyed being able to just message her and her getting back to me so quickly. You can tell she cares about her trainees and it shows. I’ve had some trainers who don’t really care about their job and it sucks when you pay all this money for course and you just want to learn. Thank you Karin, I really enjoyed working with you.

Karina Cantillo, USA

The course provided plenty of information on lash lifting and more. The in-depth explanation of application, processing times, and aftercare prepares me to perform this service effectively for my clients and expand my service menu. I loved The mini quiz at the end of each chapter, it helped me review the important information. Also, Otto is so personable and seems really friendly.

Cassidy Colasurdo, USA

This Lash Lift course has been awesome, so easy to do just at home! It is so awesome I can do training in one day and start doing lash lift case studies on people the next day and submit my case studies within a few weeks. I loved how it has videos and text as people learn in different ways. Thank you for all the information, really helps understand and makes things so much easier.

Ashlee Ascenso, Australia

The course was exceptionally detailed, well laid out and easy to follow, and the product knowledge was in depth. This course has made it possible for me to diversify my salon offering and working with the Elleebana Caribbean distributor very closely, I now feel comfortable in my understanding of Lash Lifting. I loved the structure, the simplicity of the information and the videos. The information was clear and concise. The product knowledge details were simple to grasp. The videos were professionally done and narrated well. My Master Trainer was Coliss Jack from Elleebana Caribbean. She was very open and available throughout the process. She is extremely knowledgeable and keen to ensure your success. Coliss is an excellent representative of the brand.

Jeanette La Caille-Delvaille, Jamaica

This is a great course for those that have been out of the loop for some time as it is an in depth look into the anatomy of the eye and hair growth. I loved the anatomy of the eye unit as it’s been a while since I have looked into this. My trainer Amy was lovely, I did my first zoom session with her. Otto is amazing with the detail he provides in all the informative videos.

Romina Ferla, QLD

The Online lash lift course has helped me refine my lash lifts and off my clients a professional treatment. I loved the support from the educators. I feel this an important aspect of an online course to help guide you through it for theory and practical. They were encouraging and moved you in the right direction. I also enjoyed all the videos available, explaining all aspects of lash lifting it helped put theory into practise. Thank you for an awesome online course! I have enjoyed it and can’t wait to offer lash lifts as one of my services.

Sally Leach, NSW

This lash course has given me so much inspiration! I have previously done another online course (brows) and I got nowhere near as much information, support or training as I did in this course. I loved the zoom call, the info about the eye structure and the fact I had do 5 case studies all with feedback. Amy, my trainer, was great and it’s amazing value for money!

Ellen Morris, QLD

The online course is so informative, the use of both explanations in writing and on video is so helpful. everything is explained in depth and it is great, I cannot recommend enough!!! I love all of the video explanations and I feel as though I can engage in the content. I am absolutely loving the course and all of the trainers are lovely. I cannot wait to submit my case studies 🙂

Feliciti Bryant, NSW

I feel so much more confident in re-introducing lash lifting to my treatment menu. All of the little tips and tricks I have learnt will be so useful and I can’t wait to start performing the treatments. The videos were really great. It was really helpful to see the treatment being done up close and available to re-watch if I ever need to. Everything has been very educational. Really glad I invested in this course. Thank you for helping me on my lash artist journey!

Kimberley Gray, NSW

In the midst of COVID-19 lockdown, having the opportunity to complete a course completely online was extremely beneficial. The video tutorials and the course itself is well presented and very professional. The step-by-step video tutorials were the most valuable part of the course for me. The language within the course and in the manual is clear and the content is not too overwhelming.  The zoom meeting with a trainer (Teigan) was also extremely valuable as it helped me to gain the confidence I needed, allowed me to ask questions, gain a feel for the Elleebana brand and its products and allowed the information I had been learning to really sink in. Teigan has been very professional, approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond to any queries.

Rahab Prins, VIC

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