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Classic Lash Extensions Foundation

We reserve the right to withhold your certificate until competency has been achieved.

Course Overview

Elleebana’s Classic Lash Extensions – Foundation Course arms you with excellent fundamental core lashing skills. Our class is designed to deliver the essential techniques for safe applications of lash extensions as we guide you from your first day of training physically and then into your assessment and further supportive video links virtually. Our theory session commences with the elements required to give you a firm foundation and understanding of what is required for you to begin offering safe classic lash extensions applications.

You are guided through mannequin applications first to help build your confidence, co-ordination, hone in on your glue control and lash direction then our handpicked and passionate trainers follow you, support you and aide you while you begin your first lashing experience on your live model.

Upon completion of your first day, you are required to know and demonstrate all techniques from our criteria form and are tested on your knowledge retention with a quiz.

Our additional educational online portal access then provides you with a further 2.5+ hours of instructional video, supportive techniques and revision of your learning content included within the 31 break out units from the Elleebana Excellence Academy to allow your learning to develop along with your skills.

We then ask you to practise your new found skills and submit your before and after images for assessment and careful guidance before you are issued your certificate.

Topics we cover


  • Learn how to offer safe lash extensions treatments
  • Anatomy of the eye and hair physiology
    • Learn the difference between lashes – sizes, shapes and styles
    • Understand lash extensions adhesives and the chemistry of these products
    • Gain knowledge on lash pH and how primers and lash prep products effect results
    • Correct lash consultation procedures
    • Correct aftercare for your client’s lashes
    • Lash styling that is complimentary for your clients


  • How to create a natural classic lash extension application
    • Identify client’s eye shapes with facial assessment and considerations
    • Create visual differences to the shape of the eye from basic lash styling
    • Lash with confidence and isolate correctly
    • Lash mapping
    • Anchor points
    • Learn how to perform infills
    • Lash methodically and build your speed and technique as well as understand how to practise your skills even without a model
    • Apply lashes using varied styles
    • Create symmetry
    • How to safely remove lash extensions
  • How to overcome common lash challenges
  • Overcoming negative self-talk


  • Learn about your income potential when offering lash extensions
    • Potential profit from your Elleebana lash extensions kit is $11,550
    • Adhere to your local regulations for safety and sanitation
    • Understand how to correctly troubleshoot with your clients
    • Learn how to gain your certificate and credibility for your skill
  • Edit your images so your business is boosted

Course Price

$700 Inclusive of GST * ** In-salon pricing plus travel fees if applicable

$550 Inclusive of GST – When booked at a wholesaler location for group training

$150 non-refundable booking fee applies and is included in the above-mentioned price and full payment is required to secure your position at a class


Course inclusions

Full sized Elleebana Lash Extensions Kit valued at $450. Over 9000 lash extensions in curls, lengths and thicknesses that you will use. This kit will enable you to offer around 100 applications of lash extensions (with the exception of the adhesive if this is not used within the expiry).

You will also receive an instructional copyrighted manual, a criteria checklist to review your new found skills and to be assessed on your skills by your trainer, a fund lash quiz, access to promotional flyers, promotional images and a promotional poster all on a virtual file for printing or use on your social pages and finally your certificate upon submission of a minimum of 5 before and after images that are successful.

Online Portal Course Inclusions

This unique and results focused educational online portal that you are able to access for three months after your course date provides you with a further 2.5+ hours of instructional videos, supportive techniques and revision of your learning content.  The brilliantly mapped 31 break out units allow your learning to develop along with your skills but also ease of referencing should something from your time with your educator have slipped your mind.  We know how much there is to take in at a new course and often the review and reference helps to reiterate what you might have needed revision with.  You can recall information such as lash types, curls and diameters, to facial assessment and styling simply by selecting the unit you need revision on.  Some of the trickier elements of classic lash extensions applications that you might not have experience on your first day but surface as you begin to see more clients are addressed in our brilliant “Lash Challenges” unit – here we review everything from shaky hands, flickering eyes to stickies on the eye pad and other common lash struggles.

Optional Continued Educational Course Inclusions

  1. After you have enrolled and attended your first class, you are also welcome to attend our further educational program called our “Refresh Sesh”.  If you feel you want more guided and assisted time hands on, we have these sessions carefully structured and purposed so you can continue to grow your confidence and skill.  Only students who have trained with us can attend these sessions and they open up opportunities for you to have as many days as you like performing services under the careful guidance of our Master Trainers.  To read more about these sessions please click on this link!
  2. We also offer accreditation – Our Elleebana Certified Beginners Lash Extensions Course has been established to adhere to and exceed the Australian Government standards. We have partnered with The Australian School of Beauty Therapy  (RTO #7052) to offer the opportunity for you to obtain, in addition to your Elleebana certification, the nationally accredited statement of attainment for unit SHBBMUP001 – Apply Eyelash Extensions under the Australian Government National Training Package.  To read more about obtaining an RPL – click on this link Eyelash Extensions RPL

Important Times

Our lash extensions class begins at 9:30am and finishes at 4:45pm on day one. Your online access to the Elleebana Excellence Academy content is activated the following day after your course and you have three months to review all of these units.  Within this same three months, you are required to submit your before and after images for assessment. Lunch breaks from 12:45pm – 1:15pm with a tea and toilet break at 11:00am for 15 minutes only.

We have a lot to cover and we are extremely passionate about you getting the most from this class so please be prepared and bring a packed lunch and plenty of water for the day.

Model required:

You are required to provide your own model at 1:15pm through till 4pm.

Click here to view the contraindications

Important Notes

We offer this course as a beginner’s course so that you can experience and be guided in your first lashing experience. We don’t leave you to your own devices after that first day – you are welcome to call and contact us after your day of training with any questions that you might have and the correspondence continues throughout portal and as you submit your before and after images for assessment.

After you have received your Elleebana Classic Lash Extensions Certificate you are welcome to further your training with our Advanced Classic Lash Extensions Course. We believe that advanced training should be offered when you are ready to take your skills to the next level, when you are ready to absorb more information and after you have mastered the foundation skills first, we don’t rush you or your skills – we let you develop in your own time and advance your skills as your business grows.

If you are struggling to get yourself to the next phase and need some further assistance or would like more time with your trainer then we are able to offer you as much time as you need through our new Refresh Session program – you can view the information in this link https://elleebana.com/course/fridays-refresh-sesh/

Please note:
1. $150 non-refundable Booking Fee applies for each individual cancellation OR no show
2. Full payment is required to secure a student’s position at a course
3. Student numbers are to be confirmed with Elleebana HQ on the Monday of the week prior to the training date and may determine if a class proceeds or not
4. We reserve the right to withhold issuing of a certificate until competency has been achieved which is for the benefit of the industry and of the salon offering this service
5. We request that if you are feeling unwell or have COVID19 symptoms to speak with your Booking Agent and reschedule your training
6. Filming is not permitted in the course. If a student repeatedly ignores this or any other directive from the trainer, they may be asked to leave the class.

 *This price is quoted for the first attendee only and travel/additional attendee cost apply

**Price is subject to change

You can also view the training dates available through our wholesalers listed on our website https://elleebana.com/education-calendar/


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