Combining Brow Lamination with Waxing? Proceed with Caution - 21 May 2024

Brow lamination is currently one of the most sought-after beauty treatments, and for good reason. This procedure can help clients achieve their dream brows by sculpting unruly hairs into a sleek, uniform shape that lasts for weeks, even months! The topic of waxing before or after Brow Lamination is one that sparks various opinions, which is why you’re probably finding it hard to settle on one.

There’s a delicate balance when it comes to maintaining those perfectly laminated brows. While it’s tempting to follow up with a wax to achieve that sleek, polished look, it’s essential to exercise caution. At Elleebana, we’re all about empowering beauty professionals with the knowledge they need to keep their clients’ brows looking their best. Here’s why we advise against waxing before and recommend caution when waxing after brow lamination, along with a few alternatives to keep your clients’ brow game strong.

Why No Waxing Before Brow Lamination?

The process of brow lamination involves applying chemical solutions to reshape and tame unruly brow hairs. Waxing beforehand can sensitise the skin, making it more susceptible to irritation from these solutions. We always recommend against waxing before brow lamination to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients.

What About Waxing After Brow Lamination?

Waxing after brow lamination is okay, however, it is important to exercise caution. At Elleebana, we prioritise the use of our Thio-free perming solution, Elleeplex Profusion, for brow lamination. This gentle formula is designed to be less harsh on brow hairs, minimising the risk of damage. However, it’s important to note that even mild chemical solutions can affect the skin due to the chemical reactions involved, which can alter the skin’s pH levels. To avoid irritation and discomfort, ensure that the chemical products are applied only to the eyebrow hairs and not beyond the brow line. Waxing already sensitive skin can lead to further irritation, so it’s crucial to handle the area with care to protect your client.

What’s the Alternative to Waxing?

If you would prefer not to perform a wax in the same appointment as a brow lamination, we recommend tweezing or trimming any unruly hairs post-lamination. These methods are gentler on sensitive skin and less likely to cause irritation or damage. To protect the skin and avoid accidentally placing the chemical products anywhere other than the brow itself, then you can apply a barrier product, like Ellee-Shield, to safeguard the skin you plan to wax post-service. Always remember to carry out a full consultation beforehand & if a client has used products containing harsh acids or the likes of retinol directly on the area, then avoid waxing entirely.

By following these guidelines, you can maintain the integrity of your client’s brows and ensure they look flawless without risking irritation or damage.

Tinting or Henna After Brow Lamination?

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