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Brow Lamination FAQ’s

Is brow lamination damaging to the brows? 

The chemical process of breaking the disulphide bonds within the brow hair is damaging to the hair if not performed correctly. This means that the treatment result or condition of the client’s brows is very much in the control of the user of the products. Over processing the time on the brows means the bonds are either not able to be reformed well enough or they break so far that they over process. The inclusion of Elleeplex ReGen Next Gen partnered with our unique lamination formula in the lamination lotion offers moisture, nourishment, and support to the brow hair while the bonds are being broken so soften the hair and provide support.

What can I do if my client’s brows are over processed and damage occurs? 

You could offer Elleeplex aftercare as a conditioning and nourishing lotion for your client’s brows that they can apply daily to help with not only with nourishment but also with styling will help to support the brows and offer much needed nourishment to repair and regrow into healthy brows again.

What can I do if my client’s brows have not laminated enough? 

There are a few things to consider: Firstly, you must check product expiry date and if the product has been properly stored. Secondly, check the ethnicity of your client’s background, perhaps the strength or genetic structure of the hair means they require a longer processing time. Thirdly, consistent placement of the lotion and appropriate amount of stretch applied to the brow hairs.

Can you fix uneven laminated eyebrows? 

It is possible that some clients have a stronger follicular direction on one brow. If tis is the case, you might need to notate this on the client card and compensate for this when they come in by processing the stronger brow for longer.

What should I do if the lamination has dropped after the tint? 

Using another brand of brow tint other than Elleeplex Profusion lash and Brow tints combined with the Elleeplex oxidant can result in a brow lamination dropping.




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