Elleebana Educators’ Wishlists - 7 Dec 2023

‘Tis the season of joy and back-to-back combo treatments. As Christmas approaches, our Elleebana educators find themselves on the nice list, thanks to a year of training the next wave of lash and brow artists + supporting long-time Elleebana users with challenges they’ve faced. Now, with twinkling lights and festive cheer in the air, let’s unwrap what Elleebana products are on the top of their wish lists this holiday season.

Based in Melbourne, Elleebana educator Amie chose a product for her clients and one for herself stating “This silly season I am well stocked with Profusion for all of my lash and brow lamination combo clients. Though I will be carrying the Hyaluronic Boost Serum in my bag so I can apply a fresh coat to both my lashes and brows to keep them looking plump and shiny for all of my Christmas catch-up Insta pics.”

Following suit, Brisbane trainer Anieka added “Definitely the Hyaluronic Boost Serum! I aim to have my lashes lifted and in their most long, luscious and healthy state throughout all the festive celebrations and beach adventures in the hot summer.”

Sydney-based Lauren said “I would choose Elleefix to keep my brows in place through all the festive activities! I love that I can put it on in the morning and have perfect in-place brows all day”


Amy, who works alongside Amie (Our VIC dynamic duo), voted for Elleefix too, along with Elleevate. She said “As a brow lamination-obsessed person that naturally has thin brows the Elleefix brow styling wax is my daily go-to, to keep my brows looking fresh all silly season long. It keeps my brows looking freshly laminated all the way through and the best part is the brows don’t move until the product is washed off.

My mascara of choice has to be Elleevate, it keeps my lashes looking extra long and keeps the lift looking perfect. The best part? It gives my lashes the nourishment and benefits they need to grow healthy. They would be my 2 favourite Elleebana products”

Lastly our Gold Coast educator, Abi said “Elleebalm 100% – I have worked in industry for long enough to know that over the Christmas period you are literally performing treatments whilst having random bites to eat in-between clients! So anything to shave time off the treatments and make some room in my column! Elleebalm with how quick it is to use with wrapping would be amazing!

Elleevate Mascara – I would be selling all of my clients this 2-in-1 as I know their lashes will be looked after during the festive season.. when lets be honest, for those who like to party, the likelihood of people taking their makeup off and applying serum is slim!

They’re more than likely going to be falling sleep in their makeup after parties ha! (I could just be talking about myself here mind you! Haha!!)

So, what’s on your wish list? Do you align more with Lauren who’s all about brows or are you more of a lash serum girl like Anieka?

If you’ve read this and simply want to ‘add to cart’ we understand! Find your nearest distributor here and enjoy a very merry festive season from all of us at Elleebana.