Another WIN for the Elleebana team! - 9 Sep 2022

We are so excited to share that Elleeplex Profusion has just taken the reader’s choice awards for FAVOURITE LASH AND BROW TREATMENT OF THE YEAR!!!

Elleebana proudly released the next generation of lash and brow lamination in 2020 after 2 years in the making with clinical trials. Since then, Elleeplex Profusion has taken the world by storm and has become trusted by experts in 60 countries!!! It has also gained popularity not only because of its outstanding performance as a dual system but also because it really takes the worry out of overprocessing. 

There is a reason we keep saying Elleebana continues to push the treatment evolution envelope and influence the global market with innovation and excellence and this award is just a reassurance that we are on the right path to continue offering innovative solutions to our Lash Lovers community.

We can’t thank you enough for everyone who voted for us!!!