ELLEEBANA USA SYMPOSIUM 2019 ?? - 22 Nov 2019

2019 has been another huge year for Elleebana and we are so grateful to have the incredible people we have on our team.

You can have amazing products but you always need “amazing people” on your team to make a brand truly magical.

Check out the behind the scenes of our USA symposium that we put on for our Elleebana trainers annually, we go over our systems, perfect our delivery and raise our training standards, but we also believe getting together and being in the same room as each other has so many benefits that kickstart the improvement process which is vital for our brand to grow and continue to improve on our journey.

Thank you to all involved to make this symposium one of our best yet… @Elleebanausa @myabsolutebeauty @timberwolffilms @kelleybakerbrows @mybrandlashes @lashfxglobal